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Right, here’s the secret for getting a VERY high score in Jolly Jugglers (4000+):

Go through the entire game as usual, getting as many lives as you possibly can. Once I was very lucky and got about 10 extra lives, which is rare but exactly what you want to have. Get to the seventh level, the last one before the boss. Now this is the first important bit: do the entire level, then LOSE rather than going to the next level — be killed by one or both of the PURPLE Slorgs at the very top platform, next to the portal. If you shoot at one of the Slorgs, be sure you do not have a weapon powerup, so that you don’t accidentally kill both of the Slorgs and leave yourself no way of dying. I do not recommend killing either of the last Slorgs, as sometimes bugs occur, and one shot can kill both. This will cause you to throw your computer out of the window, which is altogether undesirable. So don’t shoot at either of the last Slorgs.

Power Ups

Blue Power up

Lv 1 – small blue beam (default weapon).
Lv 2 – stronger beam with faster reload rate.
Lv 3 – stronger beam, even faster reload rate.
Lv 4 – strong rapid-fire beam.

Red Power up

Lv 1 – small red fireball.
Lv 2 – 2 stronger fireballs shooting in a V formation away from you.
Lv 3 – 3 strong fireballs shooting away in a V formation with an extra fireball in the middle.
Lv 4 – 3 fire waves (best weapon out there!).

Green Power up

Lv 1 – three-way shot 9very slow but effective for killing enemies on your sides).
Lv 2 – 2 green balls shooting in a V formation away from you.

Pterattack Cheats

Shoyru_Lover —  April 8, 2010 — Leave a comment

JASON Secret
In Pterattack, start a game and press and hold J A S O N. You get a new character and weapon (Boogie Sweeper). It shoots a big blast! If you want to see what it looks like, here is a screenshot thanks to the_frozen_fly! – mewtoo13

If you cannot get this to work
Just a note, if anyone runs into trouble with working this secret, I figured out this morning its all the matter of THE KEYBOARD. I switched my keyboard to my ergonomic keyboard that I used on my other computer (cause it would let me on that) and now it is letting me on this computer! – ladysobe