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Tutorial 1

Just after you collect the last chest, go left and drop down to area below, push boulder from the right down the gap to left past ladder, drop after it, secret passage just to left of dropped boulder under broken platform.

Tutorial 2

Secret area above exit door on right jump right from platform and crawl/walk right to gem.

Tutorial 3

When you are told to run fast past falling boulders, ignore! Wait and climb up/left over boulders – in left wall – secret passage to gem.

Tutorial 4

First gap, you drop down, jump up and left secret passage to left to gem.

Level 1: A water level!!! It’s not too hard though, because the water doesn’t start flowing right away. Run to the right and collect the treasure, avoid the enemy of course. If the water fills up a bit where the next few treasures are, swimming up and avoiding running into the Pawkeet might be tricky! Jump up and go right, there are some boxes of treasure there. Go up the platforms, and go left. Collect the treasure, if it says 17/18 treasures don’t worry! Go right, and right beside the exit door is the last treasure. Get it, and there you go 🙂 If you decide to go into the secret area and collect the gem, the only way out is coming out of the one wall. But if you do that, you missed quite a few treasures. Go back and get them! Be careful, by then the water level might be up quite a ways! Very easy level.

Sewage Surfer Solutions

Kym Huynh —  May 22, 2015 — 3 Comments

Big thanks to The Scooby Gang for allowing me to use their images 🙂 Thanks to ThermalSweater for Level 48, 49 and 50 and thanks to Diana, aka wolfie for level 47!

Please note that these images are not a step-by-step walkthrough to the game. The pipe types are completely randomized, so the following images are a guide as to possible end results.

[Level 1] [Level 2] [Level 3]
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[Level 13] [Level 14] [Level 15]
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