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So you can’t seem to get a good amount of neopoints, well I am sure this guide will help you with your troubles. This guide isn’t like all those others out there that will tell you to play all the flash games each day for so long and then it will give you a guess on how much you will score on it and how much you will get from it. I simply don’t believe that anyone can score exactly around what those guides say or play all those games, because no one has the time for it.


A lot of get-rich-quick schemes tend to require a lot of effort and game playing, well this scheme is different.

Try to follow the directions as accurately as possible, and remember, Neopets is for fun, so don’t stress, it’s just a game.


[Should you choose to accept it]
Will require you to play 3 to 5 games, and visit some of your basic dailies.


Pay a visit to the following places:


Tiki Tack Tombola
Coltzan’s Shrine
Giant Omelette
Giant Jelly
Fruit Machine

By visiting these places, you can acquire free food or a cheap object that you can sell later on, or feed to your pets so that they won’t go hungry, and you won’t have to spend tons of NPs on them.

Pick 3 or more games and you must get that score

Pteri Attack: 850np 3x = 2550 (recommended)
Merca Chase: 350np 3x = 1050
Volcano Run: 450np 3x = 1350 (need 1800 score)
Evil Fuzzles: 650np 3x = 1950 (recommended)
Kiko Match2: 350np 3x = 1050
Ice Cream Factory: 650np 3x = 1950 (recommended)

If you play all the games u make a total of:9900
and if you play all the recommended games you make:5858

Now you must go to the shrine and sometimes it makes u go slightly richer, raise stats, give you food or sometimes nothing happens.

Now go to the tombola if you get faeries or codestones sell them the codestones for 2600 and faeries range from 2700-3300 he also gives you np.