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Here are some useful tips

Buy tons of bitten green apples at the food shop; usually the first time U feed your pets today, a wriggling grub will be in it. sell it for 1,000 NP in you’re shop. Or U could just sell the bitten green apple. You could also buy organic green apples; let your pet take a bite out of one, and it’ll turn into a bitten green apple, which can sell for at least 100 NP.

Buy ANY competition that U have, like lets say U had a faerie for 3,777 and there’s one in the shop wizard for 3,667 NP, well buy his/her’s and sell it, too; this is an easy way of making a profit because you buy the same item for less then what you R selling it for, yours should be the cheapest now in the shop wizard, and there will be plenty to go around!