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Okay, so we have a new Ultimate Bullseye, and heress my little guide on it. Enjoy!

Power-Ups & What They Do

Firstly, we have an icon that appears to be the target with arrows coming from the four corners. This will expand and contract the target size, increasing the chance of getting a bullseye.

Coming next, we have the fire ring, just like in the original Ultimate Bullseye, but this ring, if the arrow goes through it, will double the score, giving you 20 points for a bullseye.

The next icon is a target with an arrow going sideways. This will move the target back and forth, and it continues moving when you shoot which can be good or bad.

One of the best games (and easiest) to get neopoints every day is Ultimate Bullseye. In just a few minutes I can score high enough to walk away with the 3,000 NP daily limit, and SO CAN YOU!

The biggest thing with this game is that you need to practice a lot before you become good at it, but once you do, you will be rolling in the NP!

First of all, realize that this game is very hard to master. I have been playing for probably 2 years and it is difficult for me to get above a 200 or 250 score.

You can win a lot at this game with just 5 steps:

Step 1

Each time you shoot try to make the arrow line up with the bullseye.

Step 2

Hold the space bar until the power is half way between a bar.

Step 3

Release the space bar and watch the arrow fly into the bullseye.

Step 4

Claim your bonus out of:

  • Fire
  • Apple
  • Bigger bullseye
  • Closer target
  • Step 5

    To win with your bonus do the same, except use less power for closer, and aim at the ring for fire.

    And that is how to win at Ultimate bullseye! – lil_gem_gal