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You don’t have to adjust the catapult up or down. The only thing that really matters is how long you hold the space bar down to powerup your arrow. The best spot to stop the power is right when it reaches the arrow tip. This will get you on the target almost every time. If the target is the farthest away from the catapult you will want to hold the power just a bit longer. If it closest to the catapult you may want to hold it just a bit shorter. The key is to get your power level somewhere in the central red area of the power bar. If your able to hold the power down and get it to stop right on the tip of the arrow you should get a bullseye.

Since they have gotten rid of Ultimate Bullseye 1, you now have to play the newer one.

The point system is 30 NP for every 1 point you get in the game. So if you get a score of 11, you get 330 NP.

What I have found so far is that you can pretty much hit the target, even if you don’t move the catapult up or down.

All you really have to do is adjust how long you hold the space button down for how far away the target is, so if the target is close, don’t hold it as long. It will take some practice to figure how long you should hold for each distance.