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Tug-O-War Cheats

Kym Huynh —  March 13, 2018 — Leave a comment

Tug-O-War Passwords

lrslsts – Theibos
sltltsr – Khadir
sslrtrl – Ramset
lrlrss – Horak

Stop the Game to Get the Cloud

When a cloud comes up click and hold the top of the screen so it will freeze the game and look what it says inside the cloud, then let go of the top and press the letters. This is so you don’t break your concentration trying to press z & x. – DBZTrunx10

The “Select All” Secret

When playing as Horak, right click. There will be a menu that only has one option available on it. Click “Select All” and it will give you a Code Cloud. This will only work twice per level. – Hwolos

I don’t exactly have all of the game codes here, but I’ll work on them and then maybe do another article. For these codes, just type them in when you’re playing the game or on the title screen.

Attack of the Slorgs

  • Marrow: Gives you an extra life
  • Slorgerizer: Blasts a few Slorgs at once
  • Chargex4: Recharges your laser

Deck Swabber

  • Vitaminc: Restores your health

Destruct-o-Match II

  • Destroyboulders: Destroys all boulders of a random color
  • Boohooiwanttheoldgameback: If you type this on the select a game screen, it will allow you to play the original Destruct-o-Match

Meridell Castle

  • Valrigard: Resets the clock

Extreme Herder

  • Freeze: Freezes all Balthazars

Feed Florg

  • This isn’t the best one, but if you move your mouse to the bottom left hand corner, the hand will start to move very fast and you can just watch the game play itself. (You have to go to options and select the mouse control.)
  • (more…)