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Here are some tips, you don’t have to use them but it makes the game A LOT easier.

1. Keep restarting until the orange bug appears hit it, and collect the power up, you can now shoot through two bugs!!!

2. Shoot all of the bugs in the far right column first. (See tip 3)

3. Stay in the right corner, because when the small blue bug appears, you can kill it for 100 points:)

4. Maximize the Swarm! Screen, so you don’t look in the background when you get distracted.

5. You can play music, but I hope you don’t mind “BOOM!” sounds.

6. If the bugs are going Super Fast, go a little bit out from the Pyramid Tower so you can shoot the bugs quick and then run and hide.

Here’s the best tips I can recommend for anyone wanting to blow this game out of the water:

  • Use the “small” game size. Less distance to have to move your mouse = less time lost on the clock = more bonus points. Turn OFF the animations. You will have to do this every time you restart the game.
  • Minimize any other windows you have. You will be working in a very small window, and the LAST thing you want is to accidentally click out of the window and have to go find it again. If you click out and onto your desktop, your window will still be up and you won’t lose as much time. (This is recommended for any “clicking” games.)
  • (more…)

Let me start this guide off with one thing: I am not, nor do I claim to be, the supreme master of this game. I haven’t gotten a trophy for it, nor have I even gotten on the top 200 list for it, though I have been close. This guide is not for the purposes of getting a trophy. It’s just for being able to get 1,000 neopoints from this game. This guide also assumes you know how to play the game. OK, now that that’s clear, let’s get started.

Item 1: Since only two Fuzzles will ever be on the screen at one time, don’t bother with stun or smart bombs. Unless you really suck, they’re a waste of money.