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From the desks of Kym, Dave, Evan, Jonny, Demon and Siobhan come this full-rostered episode which breaks the record for longest running episode ever. Full of hilarity and fun (make sure you check out the bloopers reel afterwards), this episode talks about scams on Neopets and how to avoid them, some background history of famous Neopets hacking, the concept of petpetpets and petpets, PPT’s upcoming changes, previous episode comments, an interview with the creator of Subeta Keith Kurson, and the free preview of The Pink Poogle Toys’ new song called Trollin’.


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I go on the neoboards to harras people of course
Call them names to see what they say
I’ve been iced 19 times for my chat related crimes
But it don’t matter to me anyway

I’m in your Pokemon RP pretending that I’m Harry Potter
People tell me slow down, to stop trollin’ around but I don’t wanna now
I’ll say that I’m Madonna and I’ll do what I wanna
And it’s all because I’m trolling, I’m trollin’ now

I like making children cry and all the monitors sigh
And if you wanna ask me why I will smile and reply
That I do it for the LOLs