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There is many ways to be a rich Neopian. I have decided to create a guide to help:

  1. Get a shop! Start at about size 2, it holds 10 items and most newbies start out with lots of sell-able junk that equals up to about 10. Sell Island Merchandise, healing potions, food, and toys when you first start stocking.
  2. A bank account is a big fat MUST. It is nice to have some support when you go broke; I have 70k in the bank and believe me, it comes in handy! Start out with about 200 np in the bank and add to it.
  3. (more…)


To collect all 12 McDonalds stamp imprints. Doing so will result in a 5,000 neopoints reward and a rare neopian image.

Cheeseburger Imprint

Score exactly 300 points in the Secret Image game.

Cup Stamp Imprint

Go to the McDonalds Shop and refresh By Holding DOWN the F5 Button.

Cybunny Stamp Imprint

** Note: How to get this stamp is currently unknown. The myth on how to get this is provided below, but so far, no one has been able to attain it. If anyone has more information, please contact and provide details.

To get the Cybunny stamp, you have to get all the McDonalds items (McDonalds Hamburger, McDonalds Beverage, McDonalds Happy Meal, McDonalds Apple Dippers, McDonalds Milk, McDonalds Chocolate Milk, Dollar Menu Double Cheeseburger, Dollar Menu Hot Fudge Sundae, Dollar Menu McValue Fries, Dollar Menu Side Salad) and keep them in your SDB. Go to the McDonalds Shop Page. Then Click On the Kyrii with Chicken McNuggets in hand, Usul with Fries in hand, Blumaroo with the Beverage in hand, and the Bruce or Kougra with the Burger in hand. It may not show up as a pop-up.

Thank to Zgamer2005 for the information!

Regular spaces

  • Win nothing
  • Win Booby Prize
  • Win 500 neopoints
  • Win 2,000 neopoints

Winning Spaces

  • Win one dubloon coin
  • Win 1,000 neopoints
  • Win 5,000 neopoints
  • Win 10,000 neopoints
  • Win 20,000 neopoints
  • Jackpot!

If you are lucky enough to win the jackpot, oh wow! Congratulations!

When you win, you may also receive an avatar. However, This is random so the avatar is not always granted on wins.

Firstly, I’ve found that the castle you gain after defeating level 5 is the best to use for this game. It’s a dense castle, so it forms dense rubble with its pieces as they come down. Since the castles don’t rebuild between levels, this is perhaps the best measure of a castle’s quality for defense.

Placing your treasure: Always place your treasure at a 90-degree corner. Do this because it’s behind a thin wall, which is harder to hit accurately. Further, the blocks that are open to Skarl’s attacks will tumble overtop of the treasure, which makes it harder to move. I usually place mine outside my castles, but that’s up to you.

Easter eggs are little secrets within anything that are usually completely random and totally unrelated… but placed there by the staff. Sometimes, they do this for fun, sometimes, they do it as a sign of disgruntlement. Disney movies, Microsoft programs and such have all had Easter eggs in them, and Neopets is no exception. Here are some Easter eggs you can find by using the Neopets search tool.

Naughty naughty!

If you type naughty into the message boards it is changed to boring – lozcross

A changing bikini

If you type bikini in the Neoboards it will show up as cardigan to other people. – annabootie