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Darcie, Scott and Cassi host this show after Kym decides that sleeping in is a better option and discuss topics ranging from Neopets the movie, the trading card game and Neopets’ upcoming Playstation games.


The following is a complete listing of all the cards that is available in the First Edition Neopets TCG card series. They are color coded by rarity.

Red cards = Very rare
Orange cards = Rare
Green cards = Uncommon
Blue cards = Common

1 Aisha Myriad
2 Commander Garoo
3 The Darkest Faerie
4 The Ensorcellator
5 Faerie Slingshot
6 Ferocious Negg
7 Fire Shoyru
8 Fyora the Faerie Queen
9 Ghost Lupe
10 Grarrl Gladiator
11 Grimoire of Thade
12 Hubrid Nox
13 Hubrid Nox Statue
14 Illusen
15 Illusen’s Staff
16 Jeran
17 Jhudora
18 Jhudora’s Wand
19 Kadoatie
20 Korbat Researcher
21 Lord Darigan
22 Magnus the Torch
23 Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie
24 Master Vex
25 Moltenore
26 Rainbow Paint Brush
27 Rainbow Swirly Thing
28 Siyana of Talador