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As we all have heard, America’s middle class is disappearing!!! Who cares? We’ll fix it. The thing that has been on my mind lately: Neopets’s middle class is literally gone! Either items are unbuyable (only people who have the Number Six avatar are able to buy them), they are expensive, or they are just plain crap. Now, as someone who truly cares about the many Neopians around, I feel I should lend a hand to all of you who need help making neopoints. So, here is my list on how to become rich. I call it, “Ten Tips for Making Neopoints”.

Play the sponsor games!!! Now, this may seem silly, maybe ridiculous to some of you, but by playing the sponsor games I make over 10,000 neopoints a day. You don’t have to be good at them. Most are quiz or trivia games to which certain petpages or sites have listed the answers. It can’t get any easier, people! So, now when you see those ‘10,000 Neopoints a Day’ guides or boards, you can just laugh and say, “I already have it. It doesn’t take long at all.”

Top 5 Things Never to Complain to TNT About
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5. Shops
– His shop prices are too high!
– I don’t like this music.
– His shop background is too ugly.
– He doesn’t have anything in here, isn’t that a crime?

4. Guilds
– They aren’t bumping me up!
– “Can u plz force people to go into my guild?”
– You should totally freeze the owner of that guild, because he just kicked me out.

3. Trades
– That’s so totally unfair, they wont accept my offer, because it was meant for someone else!
– You should totally freeze this guy, he’s asking way too much for that item
– I want that item, but not that item, can you freeze him for putting them together?