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– First of all, you want to make money out of this quest, so set a budget for yourself. I think 5,000 np is reasonable, since her paybacks are rarely a lot more than that.

– If you think that her quest items are too hard to get, then DO NOT go and get them, she will not hurt you in anyway. Just wait until the time is up for the quest, go back, reload the page and do another quest.

– I always try to do 1-5 quests per day. Therefore, I have stored in my Safety Deposit Box 50 or so chocolates. I know people tell you not to keep expensive things in your deposit box, but buy chocolates directly from the chocolate factory and store about 1-2 of each type in your deposit box. Trust me, if you want to do a lot of Snow faerie quests, in the end, it will pay off.

Hello people, I am going to teach you a little something about Jelly Blobs of Doom. Firstly, if you don’t already, you can’t find Jelly Blobs of Doom in the games room because its destination is in Jelly World (and yes that does exist).

But you don’t need to know where Jelly World is because you can find the game in other people’s high score list. Now you have found the game. Click the play button and wait for it to load. The point of the game is to move around the arena avoiding all the blobs that are bigger than you.

Why you ask? Because strangely enough, they eat you and then you lose the game. To become bigger you need to eat the jelly blobs that are smaller than you. My tactic to this is “if you aren’t sure you are big enough to eat it, then don’t”. Another thing about Jelly Blobs of Doom is that the arena is slippery and you need to press in the opposite direction if you want to stop immediately.

Petpetsitter Tips

Kym Huynh —  July 19, 2017 — 1 Comment

How do know what type of pets will ask for things

When the petpets begin to stick in a group (this is usually around 1,700 points although it varies depending on what type of computer you have) it is always the petpets on the outside who begin asking for things. – Disauria

Destruct-O-Match Tips

Kym Huynh —  July 13, 2017 — Leave a comment

Destruct-o-match Hints

1. always try to get the combinations at the top of the board cleared , unless, by clicking a lower combination , the blocks will fall and make a larger combination.

2. click the combo you’re about to destroy only once ( it takes to clicks to destroy it), so you can see how big it actually is before you destroy it so you can see if it disconnects smaller combos farther up.

3. ALWAYS LOOK UP ! before and after clicking a combo look above it to see if there’s other combos that you can get out of the way.

4. when you think that there’s no more combos left, double-check, the game WON’T tell you if there’s another combo that you can clear for points.

To start off we start at training for the long run you have 3 choices in my order of preference here they are

#1: Secret Lab
Great if you have 1m you will have enough for the best (low level) set it is risky but it is good you have a good chance of leveling hit points but if you have a loved pet that you like the species it can be a bad thing (e.g. you have a pirate Krawk and it turns into a blue Blumaroo) but it can change a blue Blumarooo into a pirate Krawk its good and bad but I think its worth it (cost 450k-550k(no more than that).