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Neopets by dialup
Yes a large portion of Neopets users like myself are still using a dialup internet connection via a phone line and modem and slow connections through home or office networks with shared internet. How often is it that one sits in the Kadoatery for 3 hours straight constantly refreshing and waiting in the boards for refresh times to only ever see that one hungry Kadoatie wanting the unbuyable and never seeing a refresh as by the time the page loads the Kadoaties have already been fed. Or going to do a crossword with answers from a friend and only receiving 200np as it took over 15 minutes for the page to upload each of your answers. Yes it does seem that if your internet connection is slow it will take neopoints to make neopoints and a lot of obsessive stress to win trophies. But here I will tell you what to give up on, what’s worthwhile doing and what possible ways to earn neopoints even on a slow connection.

Carnival of terror is quite a good game to score neopoints on but it does take some practice! At first I didn’t like it that much but after a while I was able to score at least 500 neopoints per game.

Always aim for the head of the clown first and then the arms, then legs and finally the body for clowns that are close to you. This way you will get maximum points. For clowns towards the back, just aim and hope for the best, as it is quite difficult to get maximum points with these clowns. Try to get the umbrellas for clowns which have them, if they aren’t falling too fast.

Bonus points (5)

Shoot the first cart of the rollercoaster in the background. Points are tallied at the end of the game. – knd1994123

Add more time to the clock

If you need more time while playing Dr Sloth’s Carnival of Terror, type “custard”. If you typed it correctly, you’ll hear the sound it makes when you hit a clock. You should have more time. It works only one time, so spare it for the end! – Dragonsteel4

Point Values:

Cream Pies – 5 points – You have to be quick to get these. Remember; miss, and you’ll get hit instead.
Clown Arm – 4 points – Always go for these when the clowns are close to you. Don’t bother otherwise…
Umbrella – 3 points – Surprisingly hard to hit, but still, rather effective for getting your Chia down faster.
Clown Head – 2 points – These seem to get hit the most often, even when you’re not aiming. It’s like popping heads off dandelions… only a tad stickier.
Clown Legs – 1 point – Try not to aim for these. Really. If they come off, the Chia is likely to explode, taking away some more of your health. Though watching them waddle is kind of fun…

Neopets Tips

Kym Huynh —  April 27, 2014 — 27 Comments

Well, where would we be without the basic Neopet tips? These tips range a lot and have no particular theme. Good luck.

Keep up with the times by Jeff and Frances Lamb

Well, you know how you NEVER know what is going on? You can always see what is coming up and what is going on. All you have to do, is go to New Features on the website. They tell you everything that will be going on for at least a month!

Neopoint-making tips by Christie Scott

Another great way to make neopoints (depending on how long you have been playing) is Switch-A-Roo. My max bet is around 400 and if you play stupidly fast, you get your bet + around 800 neopoints per game. You can play 4 games a day, so that’s 3200 everyday. That’s enough to live off of!