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Returning host John and newcomers Matt, Mindy and Tinya explain what happened to all those lost podcasts, the Neopets Haunted Woods Plot – The Tale of Woe, and the discuss the possible implications of Neopets new “pay for items” scheme which has yet to be officially released.


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Where did my Chia go? I wanna know
Oh where did my Chia go? I wanna know
Hold everything you do cause I gotta go
Hope he didn’t lose himself in the Tale of Woe
This is the thousandth time I’ve lost him yet again
Where is he?

I’m travelling the stormy seas
At least I’ll know that I am free
Cause you’re a bad, bad owner and you forget to feed me
Don’t you know that I have feelings too

Oh baby where are you I got a game
Come back to be baby boo oh I will change
Just pick up the phone and call me, I love you