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Negg Values

Kym Huynh —  August 18, 2017 — 1 Comment

To be honest, I don’t know what the heck neggs are for and what happens to them after the neggery, and while I’m on the subject, how the by products are used, but what the hey, here is a list of their current exchange points.

The First Neggs

1 Negg
2 Purple Negg
3 Green Negg
4 Orange Negg
5 Pink Negg
5 Blue Negg
6 Yellow Negg
6 Rainbow Negg

Easter Neggs

32 Lemon and Lime Easter Negg
28 Luxury Chocolate Easter Negg

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Lesson 1: The First Turn Freeze

The first turn freeze is a strategy employed by Battledomers early on in their careers, and takes them well into the high end game. At the lowest levels, this is attempted with unreliable freezing, but inexpensive, abilities and weapons such as: fiery gaze, snowglobe staff, and the frost cannons, to name a few options.

The purpose of the first turn freeze is to render an opponent helpless for the second round of combat, allowing the attacking player to get their damage through completely unblocked. Typically this attack will consist of the highest damage weapons in that person’s arsenal with fierce or berserk attack. Honey potions are probably the favorite item to use unblocked, but are expensive. Other weapons in this family include Jhudora’s Potion, Battle Potate, Cake Bomb, Ummagine Battle Muffin, and Ummagine Bomb; there is a long list of once-per-battle high damage weapons. Also in this situation, attackers will typically use very high damage multiple use weapons that are easily blocked, such as the Attack Pea.

Lesson 4: Faerie Abilities

There is no evidence yet to support any difference between the level at which an ability is used. Drain Life will not drain more life on the “strong” setting than it will on the “weak” setting, it will just drain your energy faster to use it on “strong”. The “strength” of an ability does not seem to matter except in the cases of Burrow and Sink, and this has not been confirmed. That said, my advice on the strength to use for your abilities is to use Medium for Burrow and Sink, or Strong if you want to burn 60 percent of your energy on those two moves. Always Drain Life, Heal and Fiery Gaze on weak. Diamond Dust will do the same thing as Fiery Gaze and there is no reason to use it at a strength other than weak. Understand this: USING ABILITIES ON WEAK WILL CONSERVE YOUR ENERGY. You will be able to use more abilities for more turns by conserving your energy. This is important.

On the first level of Snowmuncher, you have enough time to get each of the green gems and many, if not all of the purple Snow Wurm gems, and you want to always get as many of these as possible as they are worth 100 points each! If you get all of the gems, you can easily get 615-750 points for the first level. After level one, get any gems that are in your path, but don’t try to get them all, or you may run out of time. Remember, Bloat Be Gone only gets rid of 50% of your bloat at a time, so you need to keep an eye on how bloated the little guy gets and how far away the next bottle is. Also keep a look out for those Frozen Eyeballs. Deiter doesn’t like eating them, but he can, and they are good for him! They can be easily mistaken for Snow Wurms if you are in a hurry though.