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We would all like to get our stories or articles published in the Neopian Times. The fame The devoted readers The happiness **sigh** Anyway, Im writing this article to give you a few pointers on how to write a great story and get it published!

Step Number 1:

The first thing you have to do when writing a story is Plan. Good planning = Good story.

The easiest way to plan is through a brainstorm. A brainstorm is a written guideline that gives you a base for your story. To do a brainstorm, you must first think of the topic of your story. What I would do in this situation is write down a list of ten topics. Then I would eliminate the least interesting three. Then I would eliminate another three. After that I would study the last four topics carefully. I would eliminate the least interesting one. I would study the last three. I would then eliminate another story. Instead of eliminating the second last topic, I would keep it.