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Once, 23 child Neopians went for a day trip to the Haunted Woods. At the end of the day, the teacher told the children to go to the fairground to spend their neopoints. He told them that he would be going back to the school and would come to collect them at 5:00 pm, so they had one hour in which to play. All Neopian children would divide into pairs and go to different activities, so without the teacher, there would be 11 pairs altogether, exactly how many activities there were at the fairground. Each pair was happy with the activities they were about to do first. This is where each pair went and what happened there:

Some of you may be aware of the fact that the two creators of Neopets, Adam and Donna, occasionally visit the Pink Poogle Toy forums. I, Alex, was lucky enough to score an interview with one of the co-creators, Donna. Read on to find about office pranks, the real origins of Neopets, and memorable encounters with fans and more!

What is it like to work for such a huge site?

Heh, well, it’s certainly a lot different than when we started. There is a lot more formality getting things done but on a whole it’s good.

What are your current responsibilities on Neopets?