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Sophie’s Stew: Sophie is hard at work, brewing up one of her powerful potions. She isn’t the most careful witch in Neopia, however, so it’s up to you to help her get every ingredient safely into her cauldron. When Sophie throws one of her ingredients into the air, use her wand to bounce the item across the room and into the bubbling pot. Keep the ingredients away from her hungry Meowclops, though, and make sure that nothing hits the floor. If you happen to drop five ingredients on the floor, her potion is ruined and the game is over!

Score/NP Ratio:


The object of the game is to use your mouse to move Sophie’s wand to direct the ingredients she throws into her cauldron. There is a Meowclops roaming the bottom of the screen and he will catch an ingredient if he is under it and you drop it, but be careful, some ingredients cause him to go a little crazy. A Droolik occasionally flies across the screen and if you aim an ingredient and hit it, he will drop a powerup.


Red Disk with negative sign – shrinks wand
Green disk with positive sign – increases wand size
Green disk with wand – extra life