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Guild Tips

Kym Huynh —  February 14, 2018 — Leave a comment

Quick steps to a successful guild

Are you sick and tired of creating a guild that you have your heart set on making successful, then your heart is broken because you are having problems with getting people to join, well read these tips and bask in the glory of having a successful guild.

* Choose a theme. The first thing you want is a good theme so you can build your guild around it thus making it easy to build, e.g. battledome, Harry Potter etc.

* Choose a name. Once you have a theme it is easier to choose a name, Make the name a small but effective names that stick in your head, bigger names are really hard to get used to and are a put off towards guildless people.

This is a guide for beginners. It’s on a fairly similar level to my other guide for beginners on running a shop. So, straight to it, making np! There are many ways to do it, and everyone will have their favorites.

1. The first step is to open a bank account at the Neopian bank. In here you can save your money and earn interest on it. The more money you have in your account, the higher your account level will be and the higher the rate of interest.

2. Visit the Tyrannian Plateau and pick up a free omelette (once per day). You can use omelettes to feed your pet or sell them in your shop.

Ever wanted to become a Neopets hero? Im here to help you become that person, with this useful guide that I have written, to help you set up your own Adoption Agency. Creating it is very simple, but maintaining it, its challenging depending on your profits and youre Staff. A lot of people have asked me how to start your own Adoption Agency (or AA), so I came with these steps to help you. Enjoy!

First Step

Take a piece of paper and write down your Menu categories. This may include any Activities, Contact Form sections, etc. The more events you have going on, the more interesting your Agency will be! Heres a list example of what you could have:

First you’ll have to play games till you get like 50k,play some good ones like destruct-o-match, meerca chase, pterattack, gadsgadsgame, and the best of them all grundosgym if you have all twenty bonus cards you can get 4k per day
Ok so you have 50k then do auctions start with small things like codestones, faeries. So if the shop wizard shows 3200np for a dark faerie make a limit for yourself in the auctions like 2900np.Then look up in the auctions genie for dark faerie and then bid for every items NO MORE THEN 2900NP.Bid on a lot of dark faeries you’ll get some but just check after some times to see if your willing to make a higher bid if anyone else bids. Once you get some items open your shop put them in and sell them for 3250np making you 350np per item. If you have like 100k also try shops what to do is this look up in the shop wizard for lets say main codestone buy like 10 of the lowest try refreshing because it can help then sell the codestones back for 100np profit or so. Normally when the most people of Singapore or U.S. are going to play they’ll sell quickly. Meanwhile if you used up all your money on auctions or on buying and reselling then play games and go exploring around neopia. I know its sound if its not going to make you rich quick but if you keep this up for like 1,5 month then you should have enough to auctions for bigger items and selling them for more profit same with codestones and faeries :if you have like 300k and your shop is size 20 buy 100 codestones or faeries sell them all for 100np profit and you have 10k profit that all in one day. Now for people who have over 250k,get yourself a full set of lab maps by auctions or shops if you have one double accidentally sell them for little profit then once you have the nine piece worth 81k put them up for trade someone is bound to bid 90k or over. My friend once made 15k by those lab maps because she got a wand of supernova which sells for 95k already and a codestone. Also go for battledome items like rainbow frost cannon (got me 10k profit)