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Jungle Book 2This only works for the intermediate level, but once you get the hang of it you should be able to solve the puzzle in 2 – 5 moves. Three games take thirty seconds, and that’s 1,500 NP in half a minute. Nice, right? First, just a note: This game is just like Lights Out, if you’ve noticed: When you click on a space, that space and the four to the top, bottom, right and left change.

Okay, to start out, choose the Intermediate level (duh). The game board is a 4X4 grid of squares that are either leafy or non-leafy.

What are the rugrats laying on? Bunkbeds
What can Eliza talk to that nobody else can? Animals
What color are Chucky’s glasses? Purple
What is Chuckie missing? His glasses
What is Dil holding? A rattle
What is Dil sitting in? A stroller
What is in the background? A Mountain
What is keeping everyone warm? A Campfire
What is Phil’s last name? Deville
What is Tommy wearing? A diaper
What kind of an animal is Spike? A Dog
What time is it? Bedtime

Who is behind the waterfall? Donnie
Who is Eliza’s chimp friend? Darwin
Who is licking Eliza? Spike
Who is Spike licking? Eliza
Who is Stu holding? Tommy Pickles

Where are Dil Pickles and Phil Deville? The Jungle

1. When excavating a dig, you should start with a trowel and then move on to a:
A: Brush

2. The temple of Poseidon at Sounion overlooks what Greek city?
A: Athens

3. The existence of dragons is supported by the unlikely reality of the:
A: Duck-billed platypus

4. Enchanted flying objects are actually supported by:
A: Invisible faeries

5. Merlin says, “as I will…”:
A: So mote it be

6. Dragonology features the work of dragonologist:
A: Dr.Ernest Drake

7. How many years have passed since Merlin was imprisoned by the sorceress Vivienne?
A: 1,000

8. What bird was the favorite of Zeus?
A: Eagle

9. Who’s the lady of Heaven, according to the Farncombe Papyrus?
A: Isis

I know a secret wheel which can be found on guides on random shops or look-ups. It’s called the Wheel of Slime.

It’s a wheel then gives you a free spin every 8 hours. It’s a wheel you will never experience a losing spin.

How to Know What You’re Going to Get

  1. Look at the wedge opposite of the top wedge (the bottom wedge).
  2. Move one space to the right. Now the amount of neopoints listed in that wedge is what you’re going to get!

Simple instructions huh?

The lowest amount you can get in that wheel is 100 neopoints. Wish this guide helps! – maynardarvinsantiago

As we all have heard, America’s middle class is disappearing!!! Who cares? We’ll fix it. The thing that has been on my mind lately: Neopets’s middle class is literally gone! Either items are unbuyable (only people who have the Number Six avatar are able to buy them), they are expensive, or they are just plain crap. Now, as someone who truly cares about the many Neopians around, I feel I should lend a hand to all of you who need help making neopoints. So, here is my list on how to become rich. I call it, “Ten Tips for Making Neopoints”.

Play the sponsor games!!! Now, this may seem silly, maybe ridiculous to some of you, but by playing the sponsor games I make over 10,000 neopoints a day. You don’t have to be good at them. Most are quiz or trivia games to which certain petpages or sites have listed the answers. It can’t get any easier, people! So, now when you see those ‘10,000 Neopoints a Day’ guides or boards, you can just laugh and say, “I already have it. It doesn’t take long at all.”