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Harry Potter sponsor game on NeopetsWhen you first play this game, it’ll seem bloody ridiculous to beat or even get a decent score on, partially because the instructions in-game, in my opinion, are absolute bullocks. However, once you’ve got the hang of things, it’s really not all that difficult.

To start with, get to know the elements of the game:

Moody is the one controlling “the eye”, and the spider things that come from the floor, is up against the north wall. He moves against the wall only, in a left-right motion. If you touch him, your game is over.

The Eye is an extension of Moody used to detect you. It’ll move in: zig-zag motions either up and down or side to side, sweeping across the room in an attempt to find you; in a free-form motion following you, or it’ll disappear and pop back up where you were last standing.

Apple and Cinnamon are at the carnival where they come upon a Crashers game. The object of the game is to throw cinnamon sticks at the apples on the rotating wheel in order to turn them into Apple Jacks cereal pieces.

To play, click your left mouse button to throw a cinnamon stick. Try to hit the apples on the rotating wheel. If you miss, you get a strike. When you get 10 strikes, it’s game over.

This game is ridiculously easy but may take some practice. The “rotating wheel” to me is a dartboard, except it rotates clockwise. The trick to hitting the apples with the cinnamon sticks is to be about a half-thumb away from the apple.

Santa's Sleigh logoThe new Santa’s Sleigh game, sponsored by Wal-Mart, has two ways to approach it and score well.

The first way should guarantee you 1,000 points and a score of 510 NP. The second way is a little more hit-and-miss but, done correctly and with a little luck, can bring a decent score too.

Method A

This is the simple way of doing things. You will need a pen and paper. I actually do this with my kids, ages five and seven, and it helps them with image recognition.

Give all the toys an abbreviation. Here’s what I use:

Hello and welcome to my guide. First, let me introduce myself. I am snowbunny_white. You may call me Snow.

Anyway, I am what I would call the average Neopian. I have about 100,000 neopoints in the bank, not many trophies, have participated in a few wars and have 1 maybe 2 painted pets. I am not amazing at any of the games – I’m just OK, so this guide is perfect for anyone really.

8,000 neopoints is really the average you can get, you may get a *little* less or more, some games require skill but some most certainly don’t.

The first games I advise you to play would be sponsor games, quick, easy and simple sponsor games. The only ones I actually use are:

A sponsor game for a Hillary Duff movie, you take a quiz to find out which character you are most like. From the options of Terri, Jay, Paul, Denise and Robin, you are tasked to answer five questions. This is an easy neopoint game, given it’s an automatic 200 neopoints once you finish it.

The resulting character personalities are stereotypical artists, ‘nerd’, jock, famous wannabe and class clown. While the game isn’t challenging, it’s great for an extra 200 neopoints per game.

The Characters

Like Denise, played by Dana Davis, you are motivated to pursue your dreams. You live your life to the fullest, and love to entertain people with your skills.