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Over time Ive developed a felling that Adam who Is one of the founders of Neopets has left in the last few years or so. How can that be? Well today Ill try to explain what makes me think this.

Do you remember the whole Guildmasters’ Dinner plot that never happened? You could tell that things werent right, it kept being delayed and you could tell that tensions were high within the office. Analyse the following quote from one of the editorials from the Neopian times.

Are you ever going to finish the Guildmasters’ Dinner? – Coww_coolie_o4
I have updated the guildmaster’s dinner. Unfortunately we do not have time to finish it, it was bad timing on our part. A lot of unforeseen things happened both work and non-work related that prevented us from completing it. Now it is better for us to move on and make sure it never happens again.