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Thanks to hintswen for providing us with the answers!

Who performs the song “Move it Like This” on the Radio Disney “Move It!” Album? Baha Men
Who performs the song “Gonna Make You Sweat” on the Radio Disney “Move It!” Album? C+C Music Factory
What song does 2 Unlimited perform on the Radio Disney “Move It!” Album? Get Ready For This
What is the name of the Bahamian music and dance tradition that heavily influences the music of the Baha Men? Junkanoo
What song does Los Del Rio perform on the Radio Disney “Move It!” Album? Macarena
Who performs “Macarena” on the Radio Disney “Move It!” Album? Los Del Rio

Food Club Solutions

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Big thanks to Simian for providing these solutions!

This is a complete list of all the pirates, their weight, strength (stamina) and their favorite foods, and allergies. These do not change
from match to match and are always the same.

Admiral Blackbeard

Strength: 76
Weight: 171
Favourites: Vegetables, Fruits
Allergies: Dairy

Bonnie Pip Culliford

Strength: 76
Weight: 116
Favourites: Candy, Smoothies
Allergies: Spicy foods

Buck Cutlass

Strength: 89
Weight: 189
Favourites: Candy
Allergies: Vegetables

Captain Crossblades

Strength: 66
Weight: 185
Favourites: Slushies, Pizza
Allergies: Salty foods

Fairfax the Deckhand

Strength: 71
Weight: 151
Favourites: Vegetables, Fruits
Allergies: Salty foods

Federismo Corvallio

Strength: 81
Weight: 166
Favourites: Gross foods, Pizza
Allergies: Smoothies

Franchisco Corvallio

Strength: 81
Weight: 165
Favourites: Spicy foods, Meats
Allergies: Candy

Gooblah the Grarrl

Strength: 93
Weight: 199
Favourites: Meats
Allergies: Slushies

Lucky McKyriggan

Strength: 82
Weight: 182
Favourites: Gross foods
Allergies: Pizza

Ned the Skipper

Strength: 79

Lost Desert Plot Solutions

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Want up to date information on how to solve the latest Neopets plot, the Lost Desert? This place provides up-to-date information on the latest finds and discoveries, and also provides a historical archive of plot advancements for those starting out late.

Lost Desert Plot Forum Threads

These forum threads contain all the latest information. They can be accessed by everyone, but to contribute to the discussion and share information, you will need to register at the PPT Forum to become a PPT member. Only the latest forum thread can be contributed to as older threads become archived. The latest threads appear at the top (for example, the lower the number, the older the thread).

Toy Box Escape can be a very simple game; if you use the codes you get. But with using the codes, its not possible to get a good High Score =/ So to help you make the levels, I have written a little guide 🙂

Level 1:

This one is simple; Use one of the Myncis to climb up and take the coin, while the other one climbs into the finish. Then let the other one get to finish too. 🙂

Level 2:

Pretty simple too. Use the red Scorchio and burn the wall that goes to the coin, and just use the green one to just burn a wall, and walk into the finish. When the red one has taken the coin burn the other wall so it can come into the finish too 😀

Grand Theft Ummagine is an Action-packed, gun-slinging game full of mystery and intrigue. No, really. Oh all right, you got me. It’s a Flash-based adventure game where you, as Stan the Kyrii, must out wit, out steal and out la… whoops, treading into copyrighted territory there. 😉 Basically, you have to steal everything that isn’t nailed down in each deserty-flavored level before you can progress to the next, and all the while the guards are hot on your little Kyrii tail.

Luckily, you have Potions of Transmogrification and Rings of Invisibility to help you out – the potions disguise you as a Guard for about 8 seconds and the rings…