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The Haunted Woods is a perpetual Halloween-type forest. Here lies the Brain Tree, who demands knowledge of when people died. It’s completely random and can’t be unlocked if you just type in numbers. Instead, you have to go to the other boogie-man of the Haunted Woods, the Esophager.

He demands spooky food in exchange for answers. It used to be you could only get the foods from Edna’s quest (who asks for random items to complete her spells), but now there is a food store that sells them. Of course, the Brain Tree’s quests are rarely worth the price you’ll pay. Stuck in the middle of the Haunted Woods, there is the castle of Eliv Thade (an “anagram” for Evil Death), where you must unjumble letters to produce the word needed to move around his castle.

Have you ever wondered about the background behind the infamous Snowager well Ive devoted my excellent brain to bring my viewers the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Who is he? How did he come to live in his cave? And how on earth did he get that pile of treasure well I’m here to explore some of the possibilities.

My first theory is that he has two little Grundos that while the unsuspecting treasure hunter sneaks into the cave the grundos steal their items and promptly put them on the pile waking up the Snowager every time. Also why does it seem all he has is neggs yet you rarely find one I believe that he has a collage of pictures of neggs that he uses as a blanket and his so called treasure is just junk hidden by a well made blanket.

Tombola: The prizes are usually junk, except for bottled faeries and codestones. You can do this once everyday. The winning is totally random. This game is free.

Fruit Machine: The prizes for this vary. You can get anything from 50 NP to 15,000 NP. You can even win paintbrushes. You can also win nothing at all! This game has random winning. You can play once a day. This game is free.

Coltzan’s Shrine: This shrine can give you level ups, NPs, food, defence, attack, speed, etc. It depends on timing, really. You can play this once a day. It is free. The times are:

I’m guessing you want to find out how to make neopoints quick. Well, there is no quick way, but here is my way. As soon as I log on, I check the news page. There it will tell you all about everything new that is happening. Sometimes there is a new shop or some new items or even something that you can get for free that day! After that I normally go to Tombola, it’s free and you can win anything from nothing to a codestone to a faerie. If you get a codestone, DO NOT USE IT! I repeat, DO NOT USE IT! Sell it, codestones (at this time of writing) sell for 3,000 neopoints to 30,000 neopoints! It is very rare to get a 30,000np codestone, so don’t set your heart on it.

All times are Neopian Standard Time

6 – 7 AM (NST)
2 – 3 PM (NST)
10 – 11 PM (NST)