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1. Start up snow wars.
2. Get to the page with all the question marks.
3. Click and HOLD the first question mark, and drag off the game screen.
4. Press <ENTER> then <TAB> repetitively after one another.


1. All the images don’t show up for me.
Answer: Try doing it slower, if that dont help do it a lil faster

2. I don’t always win.
Answer: That is because you are simply visiting the page of each question mark, and the odds are against you.
this is not a make you win, it is a time passer.

As you know there are 7 pieces you must bomb in Snow Wars. Different pieces take up different amount of spaces.

I tried many strategies before I found the one that worked for me. I was stuck on level 10 so I finally decided to use statistics. I played 10 games and did screenshots of every game. For every space on the board (there are 48), I did a percentage.

Once I began using the percentages, I did much better and eventually won. You must know that you don’t have to follow the percentages EXACTLY. I usually followed the percentages until I found the two small snowmen, then I used common sense to find the pieces that take up more than one space.

Snow Wars Guide by agriff1

Kym Huynh —  November 23, 2017 — Leave a comment

Anyone can get a gold trophy in snow wars, and earn tons of snowballs in the process!

Snow wars is a luck/chance game rated hard. To get a gold trophy and win the game it takes at least 1000np, but its more likely to take about 3000-4000np. This is because you get a gold trophy after 10 competitors and each game costs 100 to start. The 4000np will easily be earned back if you sell the snowballs you get at the end of each battle. For instance, the stone snowballs you get at the end of level 10 sell for 1200 neopoints each, and you get two of them.

Snow Wars II is pretty easy once you have the right strategy.

First, you need to only play when you have the right snowman setup to defend. All your snowmen should be at least thee snow blocks from the edge of the field you can build in. Why three? Because that is the max length of the pieces you get to surround and re-build your fort. If you have less room than that, you end up not being able to use larger pieces to surround your snowmen in later rounds.

So, restart the game until your snowmen are in a good place. Then build a fort around them. I usually just click like mad on my mouse in a rough circle around the snowmen and fill in spots I miss.

Building Your Walls – Usually, I try to start out by clicking very fast just to lay down bricks (rather sloppily, mind you!) and create a rough large circle around 1 or 2 snowmen, leaving maybe an inch between this wall’s outside edge and the outer edge of the screen, so as to leave enough room for odd larger shaped blocks later on in the game when I need to repair a hole and have no smaller blocks coming up as options. Then I quickly go back to fill any holes left in this rough wall, and try to make it relatively thick if I have time.