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Recharge your laser

If you type in chargex4 it will recharge your laser when it is about to go out, and you can type it as many times as you want! – loki53124176

Gain an extra life

If you type in “marrow”, you get an extra life.

Make your next ball a superslorgerizer!

If you type “slorgerizer”, your next slorg ball will be a superslorgerizer (which blows up a few Slorgs that might be in your way)! – Peggy

Random visitor

Go to the title page and click on the Yurble’s left eye. A random guy who holds two fish neggs (with an orange shirt) will pop up! – maxie980

Hit the frog for bonus points

Hit the crazy frog and you will get 25 bonus points. – by knd1994123