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When your pet is sick, the things you can do on the site become restricted. it is always best to cure your pet by any means possible before doing anything else when they fall ill. Things such as the Battledome are restricted from ill pets. Here’s a helpful FAQ explaining how to get your pet healthy again.

What do I do when my neopet gets sick?

You must give your neopet the antidote. A list of sicknesses and antidotes are provided here on this site.

Where can I buy the antidotes?

They can be bought from the Pharmacy located in Neopia’s shops. They can also be bought from the Shop Wizard, traded on the Trading Post or through a friend.

Here I’m going to talk about some tricks that are obvious and some that are not to make you some np in Neopia.

1) Play games: You’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again. It’s the best way and probably fastest to making np in Neopia.

2) Invest in the stock market: Some say don’t with the 15 np/share policy but if it goes below 15 its a certainty it’ll go above again, and the Pant Devil cant swipe your investments!

3) Do your daily tasks: Tombola, Fruit Machine, Coltzan’s Shrine… You’ve heard it all before. Additionally, sell your omelettes which you can get for free in Tyrannia. You may ask, “How do I feed my pet?” and that’s when the rare trick comes in.

Dave takes the helm today with Lee, Ella, Helena and Jonny to bring you an exciting fun-filled episode. Episode #38 brings together this dynamic five-team host to talk about whatever they want, everything brand new on Neopets including the new Games Master Challenge released on Neopets over Thanksgiving (how very exciting), the new Neopets 3D game “The Last Blast”, and the Shop Wizard revamp so tune in, relax and listen to the fun and merriment.


It is quite annoying that you are not allowed to use the shop wizard when you are on a quest. You have to try your luck with the shop galleries to find the items you are looking for and if you are lucky you will find it, but at what price? Sometimes the items in the gallery are heavily over priced than the shop wizard. The trading post also requires luck. Some quests have to be completed within a short period of time like within 15 minutes or so.

Chances are that you will not get your item within the time limit from the trading post. There are several forums apparently where people help you out by searching the user names of people who have the item and give it to you but I have never bothered with doing that as it is too time consuming for me. I am sure you will agree with me that we all are here for an easy way out in what ever we do.

Shop Wizard Cheats

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How to use the Shop Wizard during a faerie quest!

If you keep a separate window open with the Shop Wizard on it while you’re doing other stuff, you can still use the Shop Wizard when you get a faerie quest. Then, if you use the back button instead of “try again” on the shop wizard you can search over and over again to get the best price and still not be told that you can’t use the Shop Wizard since you’re on a faerie quest. Hope it’s as useful for other people as it’s been for me! – Deidra Kunin