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Pterattack 2 Guide by Alex

Kym Huynh —  April 23, 2018 — 1 Comment

You go around shooting enemies. That’s basically it. You have weapons and upgrades that go up to level 4 starting with a weak blue laser beamy thing called ptershot. It’s rapid fire but it isn’t spread. I don’t suggest getting this. It’s upgrade/weapon look is a blue circle with 3 lines that flash. It stays as the same shot.

Next, is pterboom. Shoots a boomerang out. It’s purple. it goes at an angle. At level 2 you shoot 2 boomerangs and at level 3 you shoot 2 boomerangs. At level 4 you shoot 2 GIANT boomerangs. This is my second most favorite weapon. Upgrade is a purple circle with a purple line spinning inside.

When multi-colored Baby Usuls began falling from the sky, some of them shooting at you and others trying to push you off your platform with brooms, you know you’re dreaming.

If your not, then your playing Usul Suspects, a new game from Neopets. Lumi the Nimmo has been tricked into babysitting these evil usuls by a giant skeith (okay, I made that bit up.), and she’s barricaded herself on the playground lift.

Below, I’ve listed various strategies to avoid and shoot your oppenents. This isn’t a quick-written-in-two-seconds guide, I’ve actually gone in-depth here. It’s worth reading, if you want to get your daily 3k by scoring 500 points. You have three lives in the game. You lose one if the the Usuls fire at you and hit you off the lift, or if one pushes you off with a broom.

Chia Bomber 2 Tips

Kym Huynh —  February 24, 2017 — Leave a comment

Game tips

STAY IN YOUR CORNER! Surround yourself with mines and stay there shooting out from the wall of mines. Try to kill the weaker enemies before they hit the mines because you need them for the tougher ones. watch how your shots travel forever. Until they hit the wall or an enemy you cant shoot again. Right between levels is a good time to get an extra life. You can only do this once a game but type in geoffrey and you will have another life.


1. Stay in corner.
2. Surround yourself with mines.

Game Basics

In Magma Blaster, you play an Alien Aisha (not that you can see him on the screen anyway) that is selflessly trying to save Tyrannian Neopets from being squished under the smoldering rocks of impending doom.

Setup: You play the game as if you were sitting inside the Magma Blaster 2000. In the center of the screen, there is a big volcano that will spit out rocks at random for you to blast away at. Running around at the base of the volcano are the helpless Tyrannians. More about them next. At the very bottom of the screen is your magma-blasting control center. The top of the screen is where it shows your total game score and the score for the level. It is important to keep an eye on these during each level, as I will explain later.

Ok, first of all, fact one about omelette defender: ITS A HARD GAME! You get max 50 neopoints per level, and your omlette usually gets eaten a bit so that’s even less. I have only done 6 levels and this was after a day of practice.

Okes, the first level is plain omelette. Its a warm-up, and if you die here don’t get mad and bash your keyboard, because its the first level! If you die straight away, just try again till you advance. Only the catapult is needed on this level.

Second level: Now you will need 2 weapons, Catapult and Negg launcher (leave the spray can ALONE!!!) Your enemies are Skieths and Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are fast but eat the omelette a little bit slower than skieths. Eliminate the dinosaurs before the skieths, though, because skieths are very slow and you can take your time before shooting them. (If a skieth and a dino get their grubby paws on the omelette at the same time, kill the skieth first.) This level is very frustrating and you can bash your keyboard and dance around the room as many times as you like if you fail, because it took me 17 times before I could perfect it and do it all the time. Remember the circumstances!