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To the tune of Miley Cyris – Start All Over.

I have to wonder if this wave’s too big to ride
Commit or not commit in such a crazy tide
It’s sooner than I thought but the gnorbu came out.
I’ve lost control and there’s no doubt
I’m gonna press reset!


Out of the water and into the water again
You make me want to forget
And press reset
Here I come straight out of my mind or worse
Another chance to get drowned
And press reset
I’m gonna press reset


That gnorbu seeing me it’s all a big surprise
You’ve got the warning hesitation pushed aside
It’s sooner than I want but it’s got my board

How to Shenkuu by yampuff

Kym Huynh —  December 4, 2015 — Leave a comment

Shenkuu Warrior is not as hard as it seems, it just takes a little getting used to. Like most Most Challenging games it gives great NP so its more than worth learning to play. You can easily make 3000 NP a day off of it; since the NP ratio is 3.45. Plus, you don’t need to clear the level to get NP. If you die during a level, you get points for getting however far you got. In other words, just get into the third level, jump a few ledges and voila! You’ve made a thousand NP right there. It will take about five minutes. Another important thing to remember is that you have infinite lives. Yes, that’s right. It means you can reach level five and then die a thousand times in it before moving on to level six! No more dying and having to restart the game because of one stupid mistake. In this game you can just keep on going. At any time you can end the game and collect your NP.

For this game you will need the 3D Life Player which is easy to install and will take about 5 minutes. Although you should have a good Internet connection though! Note this game will not work with Firefox and Vista, you must use internet explorer when using Vista to play this game.

Start the game and do some tricks whenever you get high enough. Make sure to jump of any cliffs and stuff because you want enough height to do tricks or you will die. The best oppurtunity to do tricks is when a super jump orb comes up. Usually these are found behind rocks so don’t worry you will not crash. Look at the picture below for an example.

Altador Cup V Team Rosters

Gaby —  September 3, 2011 — Leave a comment

16 teams make up this year’s Altador Cup competition including the above featured Team Moltara. Take a good long look folks because soon you will be choosing one team that you think best represents you and your interests.

Team Tyrannia

Team Shenkuu

Team Roo Island

Team Mystery Island

Team Moltara

Team Meridell

Team Maraqua

Team Lost Desert

Team Kreludor

Team Krawk Island

Team Kiko Lake

Team Haunted Woods

Team Faerieland

Team Darigan Citadel

Team Brightvale

Team Altador