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If youre looking for a guide to tell you to do the freebies and play games, read one of the other neopoints guide on PPT, which ALL seem to be the same. Hope you like my guide, I tried to make it as different as possible from the other guides.

Easiest Way [I Know]

There are some items that can be used more than once such as omelettes. Some items are worth more after you use them once e.g. two dubloon coin costs about 3980 np to be precise, when you spend it on something worth one dubloon at the Golden Dubloon [a restaurant located in Krawk Island] you get one dubloon coin change, and a one dubloon coin is worth about 4500np [last time I checked], see where Im going with this? Another type of item similar to this are 1/3rds of pizzas, eat one piece and they usually end up selling for quite a bit more.

I have read all of the guides for making NPs, but they all expect so much of you. I am not good at flash games, those do not work for me. All of those “Make 1,000,000 NPs in a month!” involve me getting tops scores at all the games. I can’t do that. So here is a guide for people who suck at the games, but want money.

First off, auctions are your friend. Surf the latest auctions for things like nerkmids, faeries, codestones and rare plushies. If you try hard to get 5 of them, it’s likely you’ll be the top bidder on one. Wait until the last second to offer and then put in your bid. Make sure it’s high enough, so estimate what you think it’ll be at by the time you put in your offer. Then sell higher. On this alone, I make about 10k a day.