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The Toaster Strudels game is one of the latest sponsor game additions to the action games section. In this game, you command a Grundo, Kacheek, Techo, or Chia in your attempt to cook, ice, and eat as many yummy strudels as you can without dropping too many.

Before you start the game, obviously, you have to choose your characters. You can choose between a Techo, Grundo, Kacheek, or Chia. Each character has its pro’s and con’s.
The Techo is a tall character, but is also very slim, meaning you have to move more to collect strudels, however, you have more of a height range to collect and shoot them out, meaning you will hit the low icing packets more often.

First of all you need a score of 1000+ to get the avatar. Some people say that jelly processing plant was easier but I believe Hungry Skeith is easier. You don’t have to worry about all the ice cream combos.


red jelly or carrot thing = 3 points
blue jelly = 5 points
green jelly or radioactive cake thing = 8 points


Alright if you have very bad reaction time and hand eye coordination, you will most likely not be able to get this avatar (unless you practice a lot).

Now then, you need to get familiar with the factory. To put the red jelly in the red bin and you are by the conveyer belt all you need to do is press UP on your keyboard, for blue UP and Right, and for green UP, Right, and Right. To pick up a jelly you press space. To let go of one press space. So to put a green jelly in the green bin just press Space, UP, Right, Right, and Space. The foods, don’t worry about them just leave them alone.

Game Basics

In Magma Blaster, you play an Alien Aisha (not that you can see him on the screen anyway) that is selflessly trying to save Tyrannian Neopets from being squished under the smoldering rocks of impending doom.

Setup: You play the game as if you were sitting inside the Magma Blaster 2000. In the center of the screen, there is a big volcano that will spit out rocks at random for you to blast away at. Running around at the base of the volcano are the helpless Tyrannians. More about them next. At the very bottom of the screen is your magma-blasting control center. The top of the screen is where it shows your total game score and the score for the level. It is important to keep an eye on these during each level, as I will explain later.

Whilst being on the Neoboards, specifically, on the games Neoboard, I noticed a lot of people wanted help with the latest game on Neopets. So I thought, “I’ll do one!”. After 10 straight hours of game play, I’ve mastered my strategy, and ended up with a bronze trophy for the game. ^_^ This article will go through all the aspects of the game, from controls, to strategies, to advice from other Neopets players!

Basic Game Idea
In this game you have to fly around an un-manned ship, collect jewels and glowing orbs of Kreludan Metal, and then return it to the processing drop-off area of the Kreludan Mining Corporation building (Why not just use bionic Cybunnies?).

Florg is very much like Neopet’s Sponsor Game “Gold Fish”. In this game, you play as mechanical hand that must keep all the food (petpets) on Florg’s table. Unlike Gold Fish, Florg eats the food and each petpet he eats gives a different amount of points. Although this all may sound simple, there are a few obstacles that come in your way. With the help of this guide, you will be able to gain at least 1500+ NP (If you play 3 times a day).

Scoring System

First you need to know what gives the least and most points in the game. The pets you should keep an eye on are the Hasee and the Kadoatie. These two pets are Florg’s favorite. Warfs, Bearogs, Krawks, and Puppyblews are to his likings but not his favortie. Florg doesn’t seem to like eating the petpet Slorg. So now that you know that here is the scoring system: