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Friday, January 31st, 2003
Saturday, January 25th, 2003

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Section 1: The Obvious (Password) Scams
  • Section 2: The Not Quite as Obvious Scams
  • Section 3: Indirect Scams
  • Section 4: Quickies
  • Conclusion


Neopets advises you to NEVER give out your password. While this holds true, there are also several other ways to get scammed that do NOT involve handing out your password.

A “Scam” is defined as a “fraudulent business scheme”. So in other words, a scam is just someone trying to take advantage of you. This guide is designed to help you hold your hard-earned neopoints, and not give them to some slimy Joe’s who’ll deceive and trick for an extra buck.

To all those who have played Neopets or may currently do so, prepare to probably have your views on the entire game changed. This article, especially for hardcore players such as your battledomers, traders, or other rich entities, will challenge everything you’ve ever known.

First a question: How many of you know someone who has been iced? I’m sure most of you know at least one person. Now how many of those people claimed an unfair icing? Again, a fair amount. Now I’m sure some of these people have legitimate claims, but the rest may have slipped up at least once which resulted in an icing.

Scams, very popular. But really what’s the point of scamming someone? I mean what to you really get out of it? Np, other people’s items, and a neopet?

I’ve been scammed before on the neoboards. Someone said said “I need someone the neosit my neopets” I was younger then and pretty easily fooled. I neomailed the person and they said give me your password and I’ll give you mine. So I did, and their password didn’t work. When I tried to log onto my account, the password was changed. Shockingly – my account was suspended for asking someone their password.

So I guess I won. But that was pretty pointless.

I have successfully made millions on neopets and over the course of my time playing, millions of people have asked me how they can make nps. So in an effort to help these people I have writing a little guide:

There are 3 ways of making nps:

1 – Games
2 – Buying and Selling Items
3 – Misc
4 – Scamming

These tow, very broad categories can be broken down even further into:

(1) Games:
(a) The games in the Games Room
(b) The Neopian Stock Market

(2) Buying and Selling Items:
(a) Buying from the main shops
(b) Buying from the shop wiz
(c) Buying from the Auctions
(d) Buying knowing that the item will rise in value