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The name’s ladymcalpine2001. I’ve been with Neopets for 21 months now, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. But I’ve been the victim of 9 account hacks – my pet, babatasha, is the sole survivor of those 9 hacks. All my other pets were frozen/deleted.

My stupidity was the cause of the first 2 hacks – scammers if you will. The third, fourth and fifth times were through who I thought were TRUSTED Neofriends. Sixth was through someone deciding my account with 2.8 million NP would be good to share, which resulted in it being frozen. Seventh and eight times were through blatant smartasses being “cool” on Neopets. And the Ninth was only recently…

Scammers 2.0 By the_dog_god

Kym Huynh —  January 14, 2016 — 14 Comments

Scammers, they keep getting smarter, keep finding new ways to exploit the system, new ways to rob you of your hard earned Neopoints, new ways of sticking your precious pet in the pound without you knowing what’s happened until it’s too late. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, for example, recently a Neopian User realized they were being hacked mid-hack and requested the new password to the account. They then changed the password and logged back in with the new password. Afterwards they checked the trades set up and realized the person offering junk on them was the hacker, using the hacker’s username and the password the hacker changed their account’s too the hacked player managed to get into the hacker’s account and take his items back. You may read this and think that if that hacker was dumb enough to do that then you’ll be fine. Think again. For every failed hack attempt there are dozens of successful ones, not to mention the fact that the hacker in question will never make the same mistake having learnt from their fault.

Hi and welcome to my guide. I’ll start out bluntly, the only reasons I chose to write this is because it is REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT FOR EVERYONE.

You’ve probably seen a lot of people open up trades saying “I got hacked, plz gime npps” or message boards saying “plz, i got haxed, giv me stuff plzzzzzzzzzz” Now this guide is to prevent people from actually REALLY get hacked or scammed.

First and for all. I’m going to cover the scammer part, since this is the most “popular” part amongst people.

Scammers are people who try to trick you into giving them YOUR NP’s, items or account/email password. The ONLY 2 lines that you have to remember or write down while browsing on Neopets are:

Hey I’m dizelda well that’s my sn on neopets. Here’s something to read so you’ll keep safe from getting scammed. Getting scammed really sucks, But there’s NO point of email or or, I emailed these places a couple of time they just said “Thank you for submitting your problem we will get to it as soon as we can” Its been about 9 months since then I still haven’t got my account back! So if you ever get an account stolen just remember “Its all part of life” Some times good things will happen, And sometimes bad things. I got scammed 2 times! Here’s some tips how NOT to get scammed: