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Well, first you have to know something. You’ve seen those other guides where those people give you simple advice and tell you all random information that you usually don’t even need to know, right? For example: “Don’t log in to a fake log in page!” Well, duh. We aren’t ALL vegetables you know. But I am going to tell you what scammers and hackers REALLY think about when going about doing it, because I used to scam and hack people’s accounts. I stopped since I got frozen and I realized that it really WASN’T worth losing my account over a few thousand np. So let’s start from the basics.

I have been on Neopets for 2 years now and have seen every trick in the book of how people try to scam and hack. Just recently hacking and scamming has become more common and even easier to fall for. This article points out the majority, if not all the ways not to get scammed or hacked and to keep your account safe. Scams are pretty easy to pick up on, if it’s too good to be true it really is. Usually it will be a fake login screen where you have to retype your password, or they will change their prices at the last second and you will end up paying more than you bargained for so keep your wits about you. Other typical scams are buying ‘raffle tickets’ to win a bigger prize, or bidding a lot on a cheap item in a trading post to receive a more expensive item. And trust me, no one will give you 1 million np or 10 baby paint brushes so don’t believe it. Also NEVER change your email address if someone asks you to.

I know that if you have never been scammed it seems impossible that it could happen to you, but it can. I was never very careful about keeping my password secret until my account was finally stolen. Even if it seem unlikely that you will be scammed I suggest that you follow these tips:

1) NEVER tell your password to anyone, even if they say they will give you items, np, etc. (I know everyone always says this but its really important)

2) If you suspect anyone of being a scammer report them immediately

3) Change your password often (at least once a month) and don’t make it something obvious like the month, your screen name, or your name. It is best to have a password that contains both letters and numbers.

Here’s a few list of ways people can scam you out of NP, into your account, or make your account freeze:

1. They can just ask you for your password

Never give your password to anyone even if 1 million people say that he REALLY will give you NP, Items, Etc.

2. They can ask you to change your e-mail

Never change your e-mail address to a address you don’t own. Ppeople can try to trick you and say; change your e-mail to and then send a mail to it saying “NP____(ammont of NP wanted) USERNAME________ (Username there)”; and then first they know that the username you put in there changed there e-mail address to so they will type your username in the “forgot password box” and then they get a e-mail with all your password details, easy eh?

Remember BabyBlue12988 who scammed a user earlier this year? Well BabyBlue12988 is still on the loose and still very much using the same scam to scam other users. Recently, some members from the PPT Forums all joined a chat room, and invited BabyBlue12988 to trick her into scamming them. However, we all know of course that they would never give her their real usernames and/or passwords but rather, just to play with BabyBlue12988 a bit and annoy here. The following is a transcript of what occurred.

Here’s the log when we tricked her: People who participated in tricking this scammer (all PPT users): Dzyh/CragHack90), janiejanie(Janie Janiee), FourScore(HKdragon8 ), Usugi_Raichu(StarFirefly26)