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Trading? There are a few simple things to know.

First off, I dont mean to start this article sounding like some heartless person. I understand that its hard to earn neopoints, that playing the same games gets boring, and that those paintbrushes are REALLY expensive but theres a few basic things that you shouldnt do when youre on Neopets.

One of my first pieces of advice is that it that reposting a message saying TYPETHISMESSAGEINTENOF YOURTRADESANDGO2FAERIELANDANDYOU WILLFIND2000000NEOPOINTSAND AVERYRAREPAINTBRUSHTHISHASBEEN APPROVEDBYNEOPETS is completely pointless and a waste of your time. I was at the Trading Post and I saw so many of these messages. Ive been guilty of that, I admit it. In my newbie days, I was really nave. But reposting messages like that will never get you anything but reported by people who are sick of seeing spam all over Neopets.

Most people give you advice on how not to get scammed and what to do if you do get scammed

Well I am here to tell you what happened to me and how it happened.

If anyone ever asks you for your password then do not even give them you password for your other account you do not use.

I got scammed on the Trading Post. I knew it was a scam so I thought I would check it out just to make sure, the one important thing I did not do is report the person or remember the name of the person, always remember the scammers name or the person will keep getting away with it.

I know what it is like to be cheated. I know what it is like to loose my account to some person who made me tell my password, well here’s a few ways to stop it:

People Who Want Your Password:

Never ever give anyone your password, even if they offer you hundreds of thousands of neopoints, whether they give you the neopoints or not, once they find your password they log into your account and take items, neopoints and anything else, they then log back onto their proper account and sell the items and keep the neopoints… You will be left with nothing. (Remember do not keep your account because the more neopoints you earn and try to set your account back up the more they will take, if you really need your account change your password straight away.)

Just wanted to share my story so other folks won’t be fooled. I’d like to think of myself as pretty smart, heck, I do have a college degree, but that didn’t mean diddly-squat when I fell into this scammer’s trap. And trap it was.

I’m minding my own business using the Shop Wiz to find me a relatively inexpensive orn codestone. I was hoping to find one under 3,000 NP. Guess what, I did, 2300 NP, I’ll take it! I clicked on the username and it took me to their shop. Well, their shop has lots of codestones, but not for 2300, but for 500 NP!! What a dope, I’m thinking, so I quickly click on a codestone before someone else discovers these treasures. Well, instead of getting a little box asking me if I’m sure I want to pay 500 NP, I suddenly get pop-ups popping up all over the place which distracts me. When I get rid of the boxes, I have a new screen. It’s the official Neopets sign-in page, so I’m thinking I got kicked out of the system, and I’m also thinking I got to hurry and get those cheap codestones. WRONG. Turns out what looked identical to the sign-in page of Neopets wasn’t really authentic. (Not that anyone could tell) I discover all this the next day when I go to get on Neopets and my account is frozen. As soon as I signed in that screen disappeared. I have no way to remember who it was.