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First off is Neopia Central. This is your starting point. Make sure you obtain a pet, because you really cannot go much of anywhere without one. Neopia Central has your inventory, your safety deposit box, the bank, and some stores. It contains the hospital should your pet get sick and the auction house.

There are some shops/stores/huts for sponsors as well. Currently there is Thinkway Toys™ who produces the Neopets talking toys, Wizards of the Coast

I’m guessing you want to find out how to make neopoints quick. Well, there is no quick way, but here is my way. As soon as I log on, I check the news page. There it will tell you all about everything new that is happening. Sometimes there is a new shop or some new items or even something that you can get for free that day! After that I normally go to Tombola, it’s free and you can win anything from nothing to a codestone to a faerie. If you get a codestone, DO NOT USE IT! I repeat, DO NOT USE IT! Sell it, codestones (at this time of writing) sell for 3,000 neopoints to 30,000 neopoints! It is very rare to get a 30,000np codestone, so don’t set your heart on it.

Safety Deposit Box Tips

Kym Huynh —  April 16, 2011 — 3 Comments

Safety deposit box

Have All Your Items Listed on 1 Page by Dominique

Here’s what you do to get all of your items on the same page. Let’s say you have 62 items. You would take out the last two items (which should be on their own last page). You then wait for the page to change. Then you go back to the page the last two items were on (example: Viewing items 60 through 62 of 62). After this, you click the same page at the SDB page links. This will then make all of your items on the same page. This makes it easier to remove large quantities of item at the same time.