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Neopets rules have always been a bit grey. Sometimes you can do this. Sometimes you can’t. Sometimes you can have multiple accounts but just what can we do on these multiple accounts? What if I have brothers and sisters who also play Neopets? Will we both be frozen? How can you tell the difference? All these questions are answered with reference to Neopets editorial articles themselves so you’ll never question yourself again. (After all, it came straight from Neopets themselves.)

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Edited By Caroline English

Before you start talking on the Neoboards you should have a quick look at the chat rules.
Not only will I go over Neopets rules, but I’ll go over Netiquette (Internet Etiquette), something that seems to be lacking lately.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to avoid annoying other by spamming, talking in chatspeak, talking in all caps, stretching the boards with long links, or flat out breaking the rules.

A rule that applies to all websites is to never try to go around the word filters. These filters are in place to protect you and younger computer users. Trying to get past the filters will ultimately get you frozen, so it’s not a good idea.

Neopets Passwords

Shoyru_Lover —  March 12, 2016 — 1 Comment

It all becomes apparant that when something happens to our Neopets accounts i.e. that it gets scammed and we end up losing our neopoints and possibly the items, that one of the possible reasons was that our passwords were too easy to guess.

Your Neopets password, like all passwords you use on the internet should be constructed so it cannot be randomly guessed by potentially scammers looking to break into your Neopets account.

There are times when scammers who gain entry to your account will attempt to break a Neopets rule or self-freeze the account so you cannot gain access back into it. Why lose all your neopets, your valuable items, your secret avatars and your trophies just because your Neopets password was an easy guess?

The Beauty Contest: A way where you can express your artistic talents and your love for Neopets at the same time. On a normal Neopian day, I was happily clicking around in Pet Central and came across the front page of the Beauty Contest. Being a Neopian for a while, I was familiar with the Beauty Contest and how people spammed the Neochats all over just to gain one vote for their pet. My friend had entered the Beauty Contest before and despite her drawing being the best one out of the entries, she did not win. I decided that day to have a go at this “Beauty Contest”. Excuse me for thinking that I could enter the Beauty Contest and win a decent trophy that I deserve.

Picture this,you are new to Neopets, you click on the Neoboards, and…what is this? You are clueless on what to do, where to go, and what to say. So I created this simple guide to help you make your way through the chat boards.

The Front Page

On the front page of the boards, there are around 20 different message boards. Under each one is a short description of what you are supposed to talk about on that certain board.

For example, under the ‘Help’ chat board, it says:

Need Neopets help? If you’ve got a question, this is the place to get answers.

Make sure you only chat on a board about what you are supposed to chat about. For example, you wouldn’t go to the ‘Guilds’ board and talk about the Altador Cup.