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Kiko wounds all over Neopia heal and they take off their plasters only to reveal white tan marks.

Neopians all over the world reveal a hidden message by the giant sea slug saying; actual size. Officials tell them not to hate him for pretending that he is bigger than he actually is because this is due to the fact he was abused as a child and is under counseling for depression due to his size.

Officials at Roo island finally come to the conclusion building that building the island was a mistake because Dice-A-Roo already had a place in the games room.

In the Igloo Garage Sale game, Carassa finally finds out he could put the items in a box, go downstairs and politely hand them to Mika.

A Tour of Neopets by pixieheart22

Kym Huynh —  December 11, 2012 — 1 Comment

Welcome Neopia fans! Whether you’ve been around here since before Kreludor or have just discovered this enchanting little world, you must have gotten lost at least once. Now, I’m not about to give you directions to every single little store in the world, but, just for today, I’ll give you a tour!

We start our tour viewing all of Neopia in all of its beauty. What normally strikes the eye first is Faerieland, so there is where we shall start. Faerieland consists of two main screens: the outer city, and Faerie city. Some key places to note are the Healing springs, helpful should your neopets ever become sick or injured, and the Wheel of Excitement. While you can only spin the wheel once every two hours, the rewards are well worth it. Moving on now! In Faerie city itself you will find games shops, the Faerie Quest hut and the Employment Agency. Quests are given randomly, not requested and if you do manage to get a job at the Agency, then bravo to you.

Altador Cup V Team Rosters

Gaby —  September 3, 2011 — Leave a comment

16 teams make up this year’s Altador Cup competition including the above featured Team Moltara. Take a good long look folks because soon you will be choosing one team that you think best represents you and your interests.

Team Tyrannia

Team Shenkuu

Team Roo Island

Team Mystery Island

Team Moltara

Team Meridell

Team Maraqua

Team Lost Desert

Team Kreludor

Team Krawk Island

Team Kiko Lake

Team Haunted Woods

Team Faerieland

Team Darigan Citadel

Team Brightvale

Team Altador