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In this game, I have received a score of 1,684 points and have earned a 2nd place trophy.

The 4 most common and buyable items for this game are:

  • Boots of Leaping
  • Speed Beads
  • Bracers of Fury
  • Pack of Holding

In order to get a trophy you should get the 4 mentioned items above. You can get a trophy without these items but it will be much more difficult and the best you can hope for is 3rd place.

Stick to the Easy Tricks

What happens is that the more you do the greater the point value for that trick becomes. The 1st trick is worth 1 point, the 2nd one you can do in a row will be worth 2 point, the 3rd one you can do in a row will be worth 3 points, and so on. they are also easier to stop and land safely.

For this game you will need the 3D Life Player which is easy to install and will take about 5 minutes. Although you should have a good Internet connection though! Note this game will not work with Firefox and Vista, you must use internet explorer when using Vista to play this game.

Start the game and do some tricks whenever you get high enough. Make sure to jump of any cliffs and stuff because you want enough height to do tricks or you will die. The best oppurtunity to do tricks is when a super jump orb comes up. Usually these are found behind rocks so don’t worry you will not crash. Look at the picture below for an example.