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Secret game mode?
In the start screen, click the center of the screen. The game will start. Could this possibly be a secret game mode? – wolfganginah

Rink Runner Tips

Kym Huynh —  October 20, 2016 — Leave a comment

Mini guide

On the first level, basically just move around and collect the notes as fast as you can. It doesn’t matter how many steps you take on the first level.
On the second level, try catching 2 per jump since it isn’t very hard and there isn’t very much water.
On the third level it starts getting harder because you can only jump to the edges and inside the blocks of ice, try jumping from block to block or staying on the sides to pick up more than one at a time.
On the levels after 3, just jump from block to block trying to just catch 1 per jump. If you complete the level, wait until one of the blocks go to the right hand side. Why, you may ask? Because I missed a lot of the notes because they always go up and down and turn red before I can even touch them.

In this game you use your mouse to control a Bruce. What you are trying to do is to get the most notes in the least number of jumps. You do this by clicking on the ice with youre your mouse and the Bruce will skate across the ice to that point. 3 judges will rate your performance.

The highest score you can get is 30 for each level. Each score you receive will be added to the last and that will be your total number of points. Points are tripled into NP.

As the notes slide across the screen they will change colors. When they turn Red, they will disappear. Never to be heard from again.

Rink Runner Guide

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I love penguins. I love ice and I love music, therefore I love this game! You play as a music-mad Bruce, who loves nothing more than to skate around on the ice chasing after the wild music notes. Easy? Quite easy I will admit. However if you want to gain that adorable trophy for your lookup, or you want the highest score to maximize your point gains, then I would suggest a certain strategy towards this game.

The early levels of the game are very easy. Too easy in fact. Your skating area is very large and all you have to do is catch the music notes. However, as the game progresses, you will find that water cracks start appearing all over the ice and your catching area is slowly becoming smaller and smaller. You will find that on later levels, the smaller playing field size becomes quite detrimental to catching notes, as the earlier late levels will leave you finding that you can skate only around the left half of the screen, while run-away notes will evade your catch and disappear entirely on the right side of the screen while you jump exasperatedly on the left. If you can survive these levels, then rejoice because an ice berg will slowly drift towards the right side of the screen giving you a ‘full’ playing field again.


The first few levels of Rink Runner are fairly simple. The object of the game is to collect as many notes as you can (avoiding the sharps and flats). You jump just by clicking a point on the rink, and the Bruce always travels in a straight line. Then you’re judged by the three judges, and scored according to how many notes you collected, and the number of moves you took. For instance, if you take more than 30 jumps it will start to count against you.

The Ice

As you advance through the levels, the ice will begin to split beneath you. It’s tricky, but if you move quickly over the thin parts, you won’t fall through. If you fall through once, it’s game over.