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Dont discard your pet! Have you ever stopped? Yes, just stopped for a little while, to think of whats going to happen to your pet when you dump it in a strangers arms, as your pet stares at you with eyes brimming with tears as you walk away? I guess not.

Here we take a look at some pets in the pound cafeteria. Look, how happy they are, drooling all over the food that the inexperienced chef is cooking. That firstly shows how hungry they are, and that means they might go very far for a mealthat explains the bones of a chia on the floor, with Lupes standing around, huh?

If you’re like countless other Neopians, you’ve probably joined a guild or two with lavish layouts, websites, and logos. Also, these guilds were probably successful, right? There are a few ways to make successful guilds, but I have found that the easiest way to success is through good graphics, friendly helping members, and a fun atmosphere. Friendly members and a fun atmosphere may already be present in your guild, but good graphics can be hard to achieve for some.

Pre-made layouts are just fine and there is no shame in them. Most people have used a pre-made once or twice when they didn’t feel like making a layout, they liked a certain one a lot, or they just didn’t know how to make a layout. I would though, recommend custom graphics request. You can go to the Guild board on the neoboards and you can probably get someone to make a custom graphic for you. Sadly though, people may ignore you if you don’t mention a neopoint tip for their services.

This is sort of like a guide to Neoquest (I did a survey awhile ago)

Neoquest is an adventure in which can easily be compared to the game boy version of Pokemon or the Zelda games. In this game you never know what is going to happen next, for example in the Dank Cave to my disappointment when I thought I had found Xantan I was no more closer then before. When I finally did beat him I though the game was over and I had won. But I guess it wasn’t that easy.

From the survey I had sent out many people were upset about the times it was open. One person could never play the game because of the times and another hasn’t played in a month. I can only play the game in the morning on weekends and if I got up early enough about 5-15 min. before my bus comes. Though as some said the Neopet Staff has to look after they’re servers but for the race it is unfair since some get to play for hours while others just a couple minutes in the morning. Unless they want to stay up till twelve at night.

Thanks to Brenda for the solutions!

At the beginning of April, Chelsea was crushing on (but became just friends with): River
At the end of April, Hudson helped Barbie: Decorate her place for spring
At the end of March, what kind of ‘outrageous’ store did Nolee take Chelsea to? Candle store

Chelsea and the girls went to see River: Play with his band

During the trip with her dad, where did Madison meet that crush-worthy cutie? On the plane ride home

In April, Madison’s dad suggested she volunteer at the: Animal Shelter
In her purse, Madison keeps tickets for: Shows
In her sketchbook, Chelsea drew a vanilla suede: Football stitch bag

The best way there is to make neopoints, as most of us know, is to run a successful shop. However, knowing the best methods on how to make a profit by selling things in Neopia. Thus, I have written an easy-to-follow 5-step guide on how to buy low but sell high.

1. Choose a few items for your shop to specialize in. These should be items that are in high demand, to ensure that they will sell, and they should also be one-time-use items, to ensure that people keep coming back for more. Some suggestions are codestones, faeries, and neggs.

2. Find out which section of the market you are in. This is determined by the first character of your screen name, because when the shop wizard makes a search it searches one section at a time. Find out which section you are in by searching for an item on the shop wizard and pressing refresh (and clicking yes when it asks if you want to resend the information) until some of the screen names it comes up with start with the same letter as yours. The other screen names that come up will begin with the other letters in your section. This step is necessary because prices will vary from section to section, and this way you will be able to price your items so that your shop appears first on the list when people search for your items, but are still able to price your items high enough to make profit.