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Bag of neopointsSo you’re wondering, how can I be serious? Well how do you think the neorich got neorich? It’s really quite simple. This guide will teach you how to make at least 1 million NP / month, 2 or more if you put the time in.

The first thing you need to make neopoints is… neopoints!

In addition to all the free dailies, there’s a handful of games I keep on my favorite list. I hardly play them now, but when I started up they came in handy to raise revenue.

All of these games earn quick and big NP. For more information on strategy for these games, look at the relevant guides under the game section of PPT.

To all those who have played Neopets or may currently do so, prepare to probably have your views on the entire game changed. This article, especially for hardcore players such as your battledomers, traders, or other rich entities, will challenge everything you’ve ever known.

First a question: How many of you know someone who has been iced? I’m sure most of you know at least one person. Now how many of those people claimed an unfair icing? Again, a fair amount. Now I’m sure some of these people have legitimate claims, but the rest may have slipped up at least once which resulted in an icing.

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Kym Huynh —  March 4, 2017 — 1 Comment

I feel quite special you asked me for hints, because I don’t really have a special area for anything. Restocking always makes good neopoints, especially on half price day…but that’s just something you have to learn. Buy only the stocks at 15np and wait for 100%-200% profit. Refresh the trading post looking for good deals, and if you have the patience, buy hard to sells at ridiculously low prices, not “just 200k off lowest post price” – look for buyable unbuyables and the likes.

I think, but I’m more into all aspects of Neopets, I like to gamble a lot with Brucey B slots. The Scorchy Slots were just too slow for me, and i have about 150k-200k invested in the stock market. I’m a little bit of everything, not really focused on neopoints because I can’t find the items I need to spend the NP on.

Shopping is an activity which neopians practice to purchase for their neopets toys, food and various other items. Many people also use this option to stock their own stores so they can resell their bought items. Unless you don’t mind watching your neopoints unnecessarily spill down the drain, learning haggling and shopping skills is a must – at official shops anyway.

Shop Restocking

Often when a neopian visits official stores, they will find that the store is empty of items. This is usually because the store items were so popular, that they were cleaned out (the book shop is a classic example of this)! Neopets shops usually restock their items every eight minutes, so stick around and you’ll have a chance of being one of the first people with first pick of items when they do restock. Just ensure you buy the items quickly before anyone else can!

In this guide, I will tell you what the best shops to loiter at are the best, and which are the worst. along with what items you should keep an eye out for. for times sake (and yours) I will only be writing down the good shops. Only go to these if you seek np, go to others if you wish to become poor. This guide will help you see that playing games at Neopets is for suckers who don’t know the ropes and that shops are the best AND easiest way to make np. Now, with that said, here are the best shops 🙂