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Note that this guide and recommended items to buy are suggested at the time of writing (May 2005). First, if you want to restock, you MUST have patience. I won’t talk about anything else now so here goes:

1 – 50,000 neopoints:
If you have about 10,000 or lower, I suggest you play more games than restock or you can restock at the Igloo Garage Sale or some cheap items at the Food Shop (Spooky is good). If you have 10,001+ neopoints, restock at the Spooky Food Shop. Restock Pickled Eyeballs, Baked Intesteen, Lime Gummy Rat, Snorkle Snout, ANY ice cream, Vanilla Ghost Cake, Spooky Lime Pudding, Ghost Pancake, Tongue Wrap, Cress and Cheese Ghostkersandwich, and Devilish Cake. The most often seen is Baked Intesteen. Have two windows open at a time, one Spooky, one at the Food Shop. That way you can know when the Spooky restocks AND you can restock at the Food Shop too! Get neggs! More and more neggs! I have seen Stormy Neggs, Lemon Swirly Neggs, and others.

Here I’m going to talk about some tricks that are obvious and some that are not to make you some np in Neopia.

1) Play games: You’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again. It’s the best way and probably fastest to making np in Neopia.

2) Invest in the stock market: Some say don’t with the 15 np/share policy but if it goes below 15 its a certainty it’ll go above again, and the Pant Devil cant swipe your investments!

3) Do your daily tasks: Tombola, Fruit Machine, Coltzan’s Shrine… You’ve heard it all before. Additionally, sell your omelettes which you can get for free in Tyrannia. You may ask, “How do I feed my pet?” and that’s when the rare trick comes in.

1. Play Lots of Games:

What do most Neopet owners do right when they join? Play some games until they can’t play anymore. Some recommended games are Hasee Bounce (300 np per 100 points) Meecra Chase (150 np per 100 points) Faerie Bubbles (85 np per 100 points) Defender Trainer (200 np per 100 points) and Turmac roll (100 np per 100 points). Make sure you play Meecra chase and Turmac roll on Hard so you can get the most possible points. Try to get at least a few points over your last sent score. Make sure you know your PetPets and Neopets before you play Defender Trainer on hard mode so you can get lots of points. If you calculate all the NP’s per 100 points scored on each of these games, you get 835. Send your highest scores 3 times, you get 835X3 which gives you 2505 neopoints!!! Try to see if you can play some of your other favorite games to get over 2505 neopoints!

What is a restock ban?

Restock bans occur when a user refreshes too many times in a shop. People who do this are commonly referred to as ‘restockers’. People who wait in shops to grab items quickly at every shop restock.

Why has this been put in place?
Due to the increasing population size in Neopia, this was put in place to give every user a chance to buy items. It began with random restocks, now it has evolved to restock bans.

I was refreshing some shop page when something got wrong, I couldn’t see shops, why?
You got a restock ban! If you refresh 5 times in 3 seconds you are banned on shops.