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All right, for all you avid Avatar collectors, who are having a few troubles with this game, let me see if I can make it a teensy bit easier. Now remember, these are just a few hints and tips. Petpet Rescue is a really mostly skill, and little luck. But hopefully with these few steps, you’ll be able to get that avatar a little quicker.

#1) In the first level, you need 4 petpets. if you have the patience, keep restarting the game until you see 4 gems. Why? Well, it gives you more points of course! The more gems, the easier it is to get the 250 points faster.

This game is very similar to Frogger except you are in a mine shaft and you have to save petpets by running over wagons avoiding boulders and avoiding falling rocks. You can only carry one petpet at a time and you have a timer.

LEVEL 1 (req. 4): You have more than enough time to get four petpets and all the jewels. Your worst enemy this level is getting antsy and trying to force your way across the lava when the floaters just aren’t there. Take your time and only move forward when the next floater is absolutely in front of you. Don’t use your diagonal this level at all. Remember that when you get your fourth petpet back to the entrance, you move on to the next level automatically, so make sure you get all the jewels first!