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The key to Faerie Racers is strategy

Here are the 3 best winning combos.


At the start of the game (level1), go up and right, forcing your opponent to go down. A lot of the time, your opponent will go in a circle, trapping himself. If not, make sharp turns and go strait across the screen*. He will do more compex and space wasting patterns until he crashes into the wall/his own tail.

Repeat on all levels, but be aware that you don’t run into him at the beginning.



(level 1 only)
Go strait, then up, then left, and then down**.

Opponent will ALWAYS crash (if there’s no interference)! Make sure you don’t run into the wall/your tail.

I have lots of strategy when it comes to Faerie Cloud Racers to get the gold trophy. First off, let’s start with being patient, let the opponent come towards you. This is one of the key to coming up on top of this game. Then after first faerie, they start getting smarter, so don’t follow, make yourself the leader.

There’s lots of ways to be tricky which the computers will fall for 99.9% of the time. Act like you are going to crash into them but at the last second, go the other direction, but not too fast, this game was developed to be slow till Dark faerie, so if you press it too fast you will crash and lose.

Faerie Cloud racers is a similar game to that of Crayons (which can be found on most computers) 🙂 The basic aim of the game is to either outlast your opponent, or trap them in a cocoon so that they crash into the walls they create. The game concept is very similar to Meerca Chase, except your tail does not move and is permanent until you move onto the next challenger. Think of them as walls 🙂

Essentially, your main directions are either up, down, left or right. Using these keys to your advantage will determine if you lose or win. Of course, the higher the levels you proceed, the higher your score will be at the end. There are many strategies to playing this game but I will only highlight the more common ones here.

** Please note that the following game statistics are correct at the time of writing – February 2004.
– Fun Level: 6/10
– Average Neopoints: 300/1000
– Pros Neopoints: 500/1000
– Good for Neopoints?: Yes, if you are good.
– Difficulty: Medium
– Addiction Level: 5/10

What the game is: Choose your favorite Faerie or Faerie Petpet, and fly around (using your arrow keys) avoiding collision with your smoke trail, and your opponents smoke trail.

Like Meerca Chase, Faerie Cloud Racers is a game meant for speedy fingers. In fact, this game is a lot like Meerca Chase. You Just dont collect anything, your tail doesnt follow you, and there is another player on the screen.

As I was checking up on the news one day, I found that Neopets had released a new game.

“Cloud racers?” I said. “Well, it’s worth a shot.”

Eventually, I found myself spending hour after hypnotic hour moving the little floud, meekins, or miamouse around the track. Now, as a professional cloud racer, I will teach you the tips and tricks of this wonderful game.

First, every racer has a different style. The battle faerie is generally pretty easy to box in. The space faerie is a little more difficult, but has basically the same movement style as the battle faerie. The fire faerie usually starts away from the wall, making it even trickier to close her off. The hardest is the dark faerie, with a complicated combination of swirls and turns. Now that we have addressed each opponent, let’s move on to how to beat them.