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Pick Your Own Prizes

Kym Huynh —  December 19, 2016 — Leave a comment

Thanks to angelbaby55 for the information 🙂

Berry Prizes

Blue Bomberry
Nutritional Blockberry
Purple Felberry
Red Chiaberry
Super Juicy Berry
Tyrannian Rockberries

Booby Prizes

Bit of Barbed Wire
Half Eaten Berry
Old Boot
Piece of Wool
Pile of Dung
Rotten Berry

A big thanks to wolfgirl1826 for providing us with the answers!

What number is on the hallway wall? 32.
What animal is pictured on the painting on the wall? A horse.
How many people are shown in the photo in the middle? 2.
How many glasses are visible in this image? One.
What is the man in the background holding? A shopping Bag.
What is subject of the statue on the top of the bookcase? A Man.
What is hanging on the wall to Clouseau’s right? A Lamp.
What color are the chairs in front of Clouseau? Blue.
What color is Lt. Dreyfus’ shirt? Blue.
How many tripods are visible in the picture? Three.

Press and hold the spacebar

Get the first petpet in and press spacebar for the rest of the game. It will say game over when you get around 700 – 800 points, a great way to earn some extra neopoints! – mitchell

Go for the petpets that score more

The heavier petpets, like the pirate Snowbunny and the Angelpuss score more points than the lighter petpets, the Buzzer and the Slorg. So when you get a Slorg or Buzzer, miss with those, and when you get a heavy petpet shoot that in. Here’s all the petpets’ weights:

Buzzer: 0.8kg (10points)
Slorg: 0.9kg (11 points)

This game is very similar to Frogger except you are in a mine shaft and you have to save petpets by running over wagons avoiding boulders and avoiding falling rocks. You can only carry one petpet at a time and you have a timer.

LEVEL 1 (req. 4): You have more than enough time to get four petpets and all the jewels. Your worst enemy this level is getting antsy and trying to force your way across the lava when the floaters just aren’t there. Take your time and only move forward when the next floater is absolutely in front of you. Don’t use your diagonal this level at all. Remember that when you get your fourth petpet back to the entrance, you move on to the next level automatically, so make sure you get all the jewels first!

My username is incineflame. I’d like to share my ways of getting rich.

If you have just started out, this guide is for you.

First few things to do.
-collect newbie pack
-create a bank account
-play fruit machine
-use 150 of your NP to create a shop

Now go play games. You don’t have to play all the games. It is not easy. Pick a few good games. These are the best.
-meerca chase (600)
-grundo snow-throw (400)
-usuki frenzy (300)
-destruct-o-match (550)
-ptera-attack (3000)
-chomby and the fungus balls (3000)

that’s 7850 NP altogether. Next!

Go to Explore. Go to terror mountain and then ice caves. In the ice caves buy a scratch card BUT DON’T SCRATCH IT. Save these. If you are lucky you can get the icetravaganza scratch card worth a whopping 75000NP. Collect these until you have a lot, then sell for humungous profits.