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The Pyramids Game is strictly a game of luck. Not every game is possible to win, so don’t feel let down if you can’t seem to do so. You can only win if the cards that are dealt to you can be used easily.

It’s a pretty easy game to get Neopoints on, however. All you have to do is click on a card that is either higher or lower than your currently dealt card. There are a few strategies you can do if you must.

If you have a choice of either clicking on a card that will reveal one other card or a card that will reveal two other, your best bet is to pick the one that will uncover two. This way, you can increase your chances of revealing a card that will be beneficial to your game.

The whole site revolves around them, from games to shops even to the dreaded scammers! but how do you GET neopoints AND more importantly how do you get all of the size 70 shops and everything in them? as a newbie I would wish longingly at all of the expensive things I wanted to buy, but I never seemed to have the money. well if you follow these steps as a guide you should get closer to your goals.

Step 1.
Choose your neopet. DON’T go on a shopping spree with your first 250nps, set up a bank account, shop and get the newbie pack! (If you forget to do this don’t worry I got my newbie pack 2 yrs after I started playing!) then explore the site, have fun, go and look in shops to get a rough idea of some of the prices and maybe start making a wish list.

I have been on Neopets for a long time (more than thirty-five months), and over this time, I have learned many things about the site. The thing I will discuss with you today is help with the game Pyramids. With any help I give you, I assume that you know the basic rules of this game.

Pyramids Help

There are two reasons why people play the game Pyramids. The first is that they want neopoints. The second reason is that they want the trophy. The way to get the trophy for Pyramids is to win twice (not consecutively). This one will take a long time to complete, but with my instructions, you will reach two games in a lot less time. With the money thing, you can make a lot of it with this game and a lot more using my instructions.

Background: This is a simple game (if you use your thinking cap). It will be easy for you if you have played other card games like Cheat or even Pyramids. Keep in mind that you need to try A LOT to win.

Objective: Your aim is to get rid of all your cards (in hand, face ups, and face downs) before all three opponents to advance to the next level. This is where you need to use your own game plan to get ahead.

What happens in the game? When you start playing Go! Go! Go! It will automatically be your turn. You place a card on the existing pile (up to four cards of the same type depending on how many cards you have) and the game continues. If a player does not have a card of equal or higher value then the cards have to be picked up by that player. Below are a few hints and tips to help you win:

There are a few strategies which increase your chance of luck in this game, or at least get you more points:

  1. Always go for the longest runs first (getting rid of the most cards). For example, the card dealt allows a play of a run increasing the card value OR one decreasing the card value, play the run that gets rid of/reveals the most cards.
  2. Sometimes if you have the right cards available to play (or uncover them as you are playing a run) you can play a run and then reverse it, getting 100+ points on one card. For example, dealt: 2, play: 3-4-3-2-A-K-Q rather than A-K-Q or 3-4.
  3. (more…)