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Negg Sweeper is a clone of Mine Sweeper, the popular puzzle game that comes stock on Windows-based computers. Game cost is 30np per play; maximum allowed winnings per day is 3000np (as of 10/02). The object of the game is to clear the board while marking and avoiding the hidden mines. Left mouse click on a space to clear it; use shift+click or control+click to mark a space as a mine.

Negg Sweeper has three levels of difficulty to from which to choose. They are:


Size: 9×9 (81)
Mines: 10
Ratio: 1:8.1
Starting Points: 50
Lg. Space Bonus: x1
Min. Points Poss.: 121
My Typical Score: 200

Poogle Solitaire Solution

Kym Huynh —  February 10, 2018 — Leave a comment

Did you know, if you complete this puzzle quickly enough, your neopet will gain speed, and sometimes even intelligence!

Sq. 29 to Sq. 17

Sq. 26 to Sq. 24

Sq. 33 to Sq. 25

Sq. 18 to Sq. 30

Sq. 31 to Sq. 33

Sq. 33 to Sq. 25

Sq. 6 to Sq. 18

Sq. 13 to Sq. 11

Sq. 10 to Sq. 12

Sq. 27 to Sq. 13

Sq. 13 to Sq. 11

Sq. 8 to Sq. 10

Sq. 1 to Sq. 9

Sq. 16 to Sq. 4

Sq. 3 to Sq. 1

Sq. 1 to Sq. 9

Sq. 28 to Sq. 16

A big thanks to benserwa for supplying us with the chart and all relevant information!

The following is a downloadable/print friendly solution chart for this uber-cool, puzzle game from Neopets. As Neopets releases it’s clues, make sure you keep up to date by ticking/crossing the relevant boxes. The chart is already filled with the first clue to start you off! The chart can be downloaded by right clicking on the image and selecting “save as”. Once it is on your computer, simply open it and print it out!

For a decent tutorial on how to solve logic puzzles, it is worthwhile to visit which has some great articles!

Like everyone else I wanted to paint my pet, feed it rare foods and train it in training school. So I decided I was going to become a millionaire so I could buy anything I wanted. I still haven’t got to the million but I’ve made about 270k in a month.

First of all you need to think about your pets, you don’t want to be spending any points on them. Once your rich they can have anything. But for now feed them with free food. Like rice balls, Pepsi and Miranda. Feed them one every day and they wont get hungry. If they get sick make the sick pet active and go to the healing springs it may take a few tries but eventually your pet will be fully healed.

This is a pretty simple game sort of like wheel of fortune. First thing you spin the wheel. Assuming you dont land on bankruptcy, you see a point value. This is how many points you will get for EACH of the letter you choose from the alphabet. For instance, you land on 8pts. You choose E. There are three Es in the puzzle. You get 24pts. You can get up to three strikes, or three wrong guesses before you loose. If you spin and it lands on bankruptcy, you loose all your scored points AND it counts as a strike. Hopefully with my guide youll be able to just get strikes from landing on bankruptcy and not from incorrect guesses.