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In Neopia, the only way to make free money without spending money is by playing games! Restocking takes money to begin with, plus high-speed internet and quite a bit of skill. “Ok”, you say, “you’re right, I can’t restock, but I’m terrible at the games!!” Guess what? Me too. I’m awful at them. But there’s no reason to mope around begging people for money, even if you’re the worst gamer ever!! If you are willing to commit 50 minutes every day, you can have all sorts of NP…

Here are some hints for those who just CAN’T get good scores on anything. Now, chances are that you are good at at least one or two games, but even if you’re not, here’s how to make money anyway:

Sometimes in Neopets the chocolate factory has Red Pteri Tails. They are bought for 1500 and sold for 3000. They are the longest lasting + 1000np item (at the time of writing 26th March 2005).
Do snow faerie quests lower than 4000np for some eventual moola.

If you have a fast computer you can search the wizard for cheap codestones. I got one for 200np.

Play easy games for your style like Turmac Roll and Chia Bomber for active neopians and national neopian for typers. Here is a list of good easy money making games and their payoff.

Action games

Web of Vernax 1500np Needs timing, speed and accuracy. Difficulty low. Try to get 1 web on 1st round.